Climate change is a big topic at the moment for obvious reasons. There’s a chance we could all be gone in the next twenty years if we keep living the way we are right now. The problem is a lot of people do not believe that. Many think, if everyone else is being self-conscious I don’t have to be right? I can be the one guy that’s aloud to not recycle and keep throwing my trash in places it shouldn’t be thrown because no one else is doing that anymore. But here’s the thing. Every person thinks that. With this mindset, it creates a lot more waste (physical and air waste) which in turn will slowly kill off all things on earth that allows us to live and breathe here. Something that could help people understand how important it is to be conscious of our environment is making environmentally friendly products mainstream. This is why companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging so anyone that obtains that packaging, which would be thousands or millions depending on which brand, will see a company they trust and buy from trying to help the environment in any little way they can and may pick up some of the same habits. Now, I know there won’t be an instant change because that isn’t exactly how humans work but as long as the company keeps using friendly packaging more people will start noticing the change and understand the little changes they can make as well. Something that wouldn’t hurt is maybe sending out a note with every delivery stating what the packaging is made out of and the benefits it carries to the whole world. Worst case scenario even if people still have the urge to throw their packaging places it should not be thrown the environment can handle it much better than another non-friendly packaging. Big companies are also the main reason why pollutants are ever-present and just by changing their packaging the amount of waste in our air will be reduced immensely. It also takes less energy, therefore, reducing the huge carbon footprint companies bear as well. From a business standpoint if certain companies become more eco-friendly it may cause others to do so as well in order to not lose any business. Becoming more eco-friendly shows that the business is aware of what is going on and wants to do what is best for the citizens, therefore, gaining more traction and making other businesses look as if they do not care about the people and only care about making a profit. This is why businesses will reluctantly follow the eco-friendly ones. In the end, I think the main point to be made is that we all need to do our part in order for anything to actually change in our environment. Businesses large and small can start by creating packaging that is eco-friendly and recyclable which will be seen by many and used by many and because of this be reused and repurposed. This exposure will allow others to see how important it is to be eco-friendly and will end up changing their own daily ways.

Essay by: Mary K Morgan
Arizona State University

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