We need to set up future generations for success. A solid start is to be more environmentally friendly. If everyone starts somewhere small, it will create a larger impact. People today live a throw away lifestyle. Use a plastic fork once and toss it, use a paper towel once and toss it, drink water and toss the bottle. This accumulates quickly and we’re running out of places to put it. If companies would start using more environmentally friendly packaging, our communities would improve, and less trash would be in the streets. The world as a whole will improve.

Our oceans would clean up with less trash in the water and waste on the sand. Our oceans hurt from our throw away lifestyle. Fish eat this trash and we eat the fish, so in turn we are damaging our bodies. We hold a responsibility as human beings to take care of our environment. Our waste is killing the coral, fish, and making our oceans disgusting. There are piles or trash waves that throw onto shore. Companies who would adopt environmentally friendly packaging would reduce this trash incredibly.

I work in a restaurant where the waste that happens there is unbelievable. If restaurants would start using environmentally friendly packaging, trash would greatly reduce. The future of environmentally friendly packaging could include durable banana leaves as plates, silverware that is meant for more than one use. Using eco friendly products could almost eliminate single use items. Even starting small like not giving paper napkins or plastic utensils with all orders, get rid of plastic bags, eliminate the use of straws. Many people would respect restaurants that would take on this challenge and it could possibly create more business.

Recycling programs do work but could use improvement. They could be more accessible and well known in the community. They could be more kid friendly to make it a family event. If we teach kids the importance of recycling programs, they will grow up with this instilled in their habits. Teaching children to bring their reusable bags into grocery stores or have a reusable water bottle they can decorate and make it fun. There is so much we consider trash, that we can turn into crafts for kids. You can reuse the toilet paper roll to make a butterfly or bird feeder for example. Reusing items we throw away without thinking, will save money. There is a company that can even make workout pants out of recycled water bottles. We can do so much more than we think is possible with what we consider trash.

Environmentally friendly packaging would give people more of an appreciative mentality. There would be less of this idea of a throw away lifestyle. Starting small will bring greater changes as a whole. Our communities will be greener and less liter on the roads. We need to give earth a break for holding onto all of our trash. We need to set up the future for success and leave things better than we found them. We wish somebody would have done that for us, but we can start the change now.

Essay by: Kasey Hudgins
Arizona State University

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