Every single day millions of consumers absent-mindedly purchase items with plastic packaging and discard the plastic, never to see it again. However, this plastic is not just disappearing, the EPA estimated in 2018 that 82.2 million tons of plastic was generated for packaging purposes. Although the average consumer can make better environment-friendly choices like recycling or composting companies who sell plastic packaging will create the most recognizable difference. Using paper and cardboard packaging aids tremendously and is recycled 80.9% of the time. Considering grocery bags alone plastic bags can take 5-10 years to decompose, compared to paper bags which only require a brief month.

Companies beginning to offer more affordable green options is the start of a new way to thoughtfully consider your impact on the Earth’s future and how any individual just like you can help make a difference. There are consistent reminders of the urge for change to prevent irreversible damage to our Earth. From across oceans and across countries all humans have one inarguable thing in common, we were all born on Earth. It is all of our homes, and we would be nothing without it. So why are we mistreating our home when we have evolved far enough to help? By introducing reusable water bottles, utensils, bags, and containers into your average home along with businesses also participating with sustainable packaging and products we can help save our home.

A world without plastic is an obtainable and sanguine future for many generations to come.

Essay by: Alfonso Isaias Villar
91st Psalm Christian School

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