Packaging waste has become an ever-growing problem in today’s world. Landfill space has become increasingly smaller, with about 91% of our package waste going to these facilities. Waste Management Systems around the globe have done a poor job managing the disposal of our waste, with approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste dumped into our oceans every year. This waste harms our wildlife, alters our ecosystems, and threatens human life. Nevertheless, what if there was a way to better the environment. This essay will discuss the importance of environmentally friendly packages and why companies should adopt this kind of packaging.

Why should companies change their packaging when plastic is lightweight, cheap, durable, and moldable? The reason is that despite the listed advantages, plastic packaging comes at a cost. Plastic packaging is highly wasteful, with only 9% appropriately recycled. This has an unfortunate consequence on our world’s ecosystem in which all of life on earth depends on. Fortunately, eco-friendly packaging can help reduce waste and better our environment. Eco-friendly packages offer some of the same advantages as plastic but help the environment. They are easily disposable, biodegradable, and versatile/flexible. For example, compostable packaging is designed to break down into compost, enriching the soil in which we grow our crops or even creating new resources. These packages also try to avoid using mixed materials such as labels to reduce contamination and damage done to machinery. Not only does sustainable packaging reduce our carbon footprint, but it also helps reduce the shipping cost of products. Using fewer materials to ship goods creates a more economical way to ship straight from the warehouse and to the consumer.

Why should businesses adopt this kind of packaging? Along with the advantages mentioned above, companies should always reduce their carbon footprint—this shows social responsibility on the corporate level.

Walmart has become a leader in a global effort to offer sustainable packaging. By 2025, Walmart aims to use 100% recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging. Walmart’s influence can cause other companies to do the same because, according to GlobalWebIndex, “42% of U.S. and U.K. consumers seek out products that are recyclable or that use sustainable materials when making day to day purchases.” Companies who share a concern for the environment, in turn, will connect to more buyers who will buy their products as a result. Big corporations influence their consumers and affect other smaller companies wanting to do business with them. Smaller businesses willing to do business with an eco-friendly giant such as Target have to consider and meet Target’s promise to improve sustainability in packaging.

In conclusion, companies should be wise to decide to switch over to sustainable packages. By switching over, businesses will cut packaging costs, attract consumers, reduce their carbon footprint, expand their brand, and generate more revenue on their products. It’s a win, win! The environment would thank them, and the consumers will love them. Reducing our carbon footprint should be something everyone strives to do, and businesses can be leaders to start a movement to take better care of the world we live in.

Essay by: Alfonso Isaias Villar
91st Psalm Christian School

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