The topic of environmentally friendly packaging has been a main target goal for packaging manufactures as it can decrease possible pollution and increase recycled use. However, it does need more attention and one of the most effective ways is to communicate and devise a plan with some of the top competitors not only in the packaging industry but the mainline companies using their products. Companies like Amazon or Coca-Cola can use their status to encourage the use of environmentally friendly packaging as well as team up with packaging companies like Fedex or UPS to create a sort of network. This network would advertise to the general public and push the idea of environmentally friendly packaging to help better our current packaging status and improve ourselves for the future. We want to create sustainable practices but it needs everyone on board. The more and more we use environmentally friendly packaging, the less of an impact we have on the Earth regarding pollution and its resources.

First, the advertising. These big companies are known for their advertising and their practices; otherwise they wouldn’t be successful. The idea though for better packaging can’t be started down below. It needs to start up top to increase the likelihood of us switching to safer packaging for good. The way society works is that we are flooded with advertisements every second of every day because of the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ attitude and it works. The thing is though, the advertising needs to stand apart from the rest. It’s sort of like how Super Bowl advertisements are way more memorable and effective than traditional commercial breaks between shows and its because they approach these advertisements differently. The point of an advertisement is to encourage the viewer to buy or do what the advertisement says. If these big corporations can team up with postal companies and help create an effective ad about the benefits of environmentally friendly packaging, it’ll bring the attention we need.

The postal companies also have to work together on their part to encourage companies or smaller businesses to use environmentally friendly packaging rather than a one-time use sort of packaging. However, some issues do arise with this. For one, packaging is usually one time use but what packaging companies could do is provide an incentive to mail or return the packaging back. That way, it can be reused and limit the possibility of it ending somewhere else. Another issue could be the cost. The way these companies see the cost is that the regular packaging is easier and cheaper to manufacture, netting them more profit. If these companies could settle for less profit and focus entirely on making manufacturing environmentally friendly packaging. That way, it becomes the new ‘norm’ and they still make money.

In conclusion, it’s going to take quite a bit of cooperation from both sides. Packaging is in our day to day lives and we often take for granted the importance it has and the effect it has on our environment. However, it won’t take long before we start seeing positive effects. We could see less pollution near communities, we could see small business owners and bigger companies using the incentives made by packaging companies to help reuse environmentally friendly packaging and most importantly, we can help create better habits for our future.

Essay by: Connor Combs
Arizona State University

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