Due to the awareness of client demand for environmentally friendly packaging of food to reverse the environmental effect, the thirst for the availability of sustainable and smart packaging in the current world seems to be more acute than ever. As the adaptability of sustainable packaging by companies around the globe commences to increase, it is correct to say that adaptation of this practice can assist in boosting the social and environmental impact of the company’s brand, increase social responsibility and community support through employment and conservation of resources. Also, the products are easily biodegradable and disposable, curbing environmental effects.

The impact of a company on society and the environment is a factor that can highly assist in channeling good consumer relations. Hence, the production within an organization may continue to indicate more growth records, signaling a higher potential for the brand in the market. However, for all these outcomes to be achieved, sustainable packaging is a key factor, as most consumers consider packaged food easy and convenient. In 2014, the industries that produced packed food continued to exhibit tremendous growth and firm economic value due to the adaptation of green packaging. (Wang et al., 2016, #). Therefore, the transformation of sustainable packaging can signify the future of a company’s direction. Supporting the need of industries to consume environmentally friendly packaging to overcome the challenges associated with their product sales.

Support through employment and conservation of resources by a company to a community is an excellent method of not only powering the roots of an organization in a given geographical state but also offering a way of living to a given people. When a company provides skills to individuals within a locality on making packaging products from environmentally friendly materials available around them, they intend to get employment. Hence, this can cut the cost of acquiring materials from a different location, considering the cost of transport. According to Wang et al. (2016), most consumers in China possess environmental consciousness and are willing to pay for green products, whereas 78.4% are willing to purchase products from corporations with higher social status (p. 21-29). Therefore, when companies consider using sustainable packaging, they become socially responsible and have community support.

The domination of petroleum-derived plastic is still trying to find its way into the packaging industry, and it has brought along its core problem, which has signified the need for the use of safe-disposable and renewable materials (Wang et al., 2016, #). Easy disposable and biodegradable products for packing may not only be friendly to people but also offer a great chance to conserve the environment. When a company considers the use of safe disposable packaging products, they intend to create an environment where all people can be sustained, having the factor of health taken into account due to low exposure of carbon in the atmosphere.

Adopting environmentally friendly packaging can assist in building the brand of a company, increase social responsibility, and cut the carbon footprint. It is considerable for a company to consume green products.

Essay by: Alexis Coleman
Delgado Community College

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