More companies should take part in implementing environmentally friendly materials for packing. Most companies use substances for packing which are detrimental to the environment. Packing material is often not recycled material, not biodegradable, or uses a natural resource which are not renewable. Factories the shipping substances are manufactured in use coal and natural gas to make the packing materials. The packing industry within companies is harming the environment and should go green to conserve natural resources and decrease the amount of damage to the ecosystems of the world.

Companies should start preserving the environment in packing by reducing waste of product or material. Next, they can reuse materials instead of wasting any packing items. Then companies should recycle any waste made of recyclable elements. Instead of initially purchasing newly crafted packing supplies from freshly mad plastic, Styrofoam, and cardboard, companies must purchase recycled substances to conserve the limited resources on earth. Avoiding using packing materials from newly manufactured substances can help increase the longevity of the finite resources on earth. Reducing the use of freshly made substances helps lower the amount of coal and natural gas used in factories to produce materials like plastic, Styrofoam, cardboard, and other packing items.

Reducing the use of all materials including packing supplies crafted from trees can lessen the number of trees being cut down. Cutting down trees for material should not be done unless material is required and cannot be retrieved from another source like recycled paper and cardboard. Trees are an important part of the environment and life on earth. Trees take in carbon dioxide and replace the gas with oxygen. All living animals’ breath oxygen and without trees the population on earth would quickly dwindle with the absence of production of oxygen. Trees take a relatively long time to grow and are not always replaced when cut down. Using recycled paper for packing is what all companies should do to benefit the environment.

When materials are used for packing, such as nonbiodegradable items like Styrofoam, plastic bubbles, and other items, the environment and species living in the environment can suffer. Not only can packing materials make and environment look like a mess if not disposed properly but packing substances can be harmful to wildlife. Styrofoam and plastic used in packing can be ingested or choked on by animals resulting in the death of the animal. Packing item can end up in places like the ocean and disrupt wildlife in the ocean resulting in the death of sea animals. Packing items can get into soil and prevent soil from being rich and providing proper nutrients to plants. Plants are import to the environment providing food and turning carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen for animals to breath. Preserving plants and animals in environment can be reduced by companies using more biodegradable substances for packing.

More companies should partake in using environmentally friendly packing supplies. Reducing waste, reusing materials, and recycling recyclables to be reconstructed for a new purpose, and using recycled materials, is a great place for companies to start going green. Reducing the amount of packing products from trees or using recycled cardboard is a step in preserving trees for the environment. Implementing biodegradable items in the packing industry in companies is beneficial to the environment. Companies should adopt environmentally friendly packing to help preserve resources and the environment.

Essay by: Taylor Benninghoff
Estrella Foothills High School

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