Our Earth is one of a kind, and our time here is very limited. Ever since humans started shipping things to each other, plastic has polluted our oceans, forests and cities. Big corporations always ship billions of goods across the world. Most of the shipping pieces like boxes and plastics get discarded and the consumer won’t worry about the trash because it’s not their problem once trash collectors get it. That’s an issue because there’s a lot of trash that’s getting blown away after collection. If big companies used bio- degradable shipping materials when they shipped things, garbage that gets blown into oceans and forests wouldn’t be a long term issue like non bio- degradable shipping materials. According to Renee Cho, author of a blog called Our Oceans: A Plastic Soup on Columbia.edu, “plastic can take anywhere from 20- 1,000 years to break down”(Cho, Our Oceans: A Plastic Soup on Columbia.edu). Also when a simple bag breaks, it breaks down into a bunch of a little pieces. This is a major issue because plastic pieces could be stuck in our oceans for centuries and those pieces can kill off fish. Fish are very important to the eco-system, so if fish are constantly endangered and dying from plastic, then some other part of the eco-system is going to fail. Leading to a unhealthy Earth. Meaning humans will be killed off. So in conclusion, using eco-friendly shipping materials can help humans keep the Earth a little healthier, so we can keep shipping things to our business partners, friends and family.

Essay by: Sanaya Boykins
Tempe High School

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