Most people that run a business want to be environmentally friendly. But if their business needs get in the way of the environment then businesses will overlook that aspect of running a business. There has been an increasing demand in the public for healthier business practices that don’t hurt the environment. There are ways for companies to make almost the same amount of money without hurting the environment. We all know the environmental effects that harmful plastics from packaging have on the environment. It is dangerous for animals who might eat it, as well as what the manufacturing process has on the environment in itself.

The harmful effects that plastics can have on the environment when left out are dreadful and eye opening. If you were to burn plastics perhaps over a fireplace there would be lots of harmful chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or sulfur dioxide. These chemicals are extremely harmful to animals and humans as they are potent to the respiratory system. Another reason certain plastics are terrible for the environment is that when they are put in the ground they also release terrible chemicals that can hurt the drinking water. There is a kind of plastic called chlorinated plastic that when seeped in the ground releases dangerous toxins to fresh water. This then hurts the animals and possibly humans who drink the water.

The Manufacturing process of plastics and other materials can be very detrimental and everlasting on the environment. Turning fossil fuels into plastics can leave behind tiny pellets that can hurt water supply as well as hurt the animals that might eat these tiny pellets. Animals that are endangered like the whooping crane have commonly been found eating these small white pellets. Companies also use “Crackers” to produce gas which can lead to health concerns in nearby communities. Symptoms can include asma, lung cancer, brain and organ damage. Also there are plants now being used to create plastics. This is incredibly harmful because it takes the few parts of nature left in the world and turns them into biohazards to create plastic.

There are ways to still expand your business by being eco-friendly. Some of the benefits of being eco-friendly are that you are going into an expanding market because more and more people are willing to buy something that costs more to save the environment. On top of that you are getting ahead of the industry because there are going to be more and more regulations for businesses environmental practices. D’light is a great example of a company getting ahead; they provide light to many people who don’t have access to electricity. They have raised over 197 million dollars in investment. On top of that they improve people’s lives and make money instead of making the world a more dangerous place with harmful chemicals. Having a reputation of being eco-friendly can attract job seekers because who wants to work in an environment where everyone knows what they are doing wrong.

Overall you can make more money and keep the environment healthy as a company. You can attract more employees and keep animals and humans safer by being conscientious of what your company might be doing or not doing to protect the environment and preserve life in general. It just takes a little extra effort and any company can get there.

Essay by: Grant William O’Dell
West High-school, going to Bellarmine University

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