According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2019, 66% of Americans thought that instead of natural environmental changes, global warming was the result of pollution caused by human activities. These pollutants consist of particles in the air that is harmful not only to land and water, but to the health of all living things. Improper disposal of waste is one of the primary sources of pollution that has caused global warming. When waste becomes contaminated, it produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane, which absorbs radiation and produces heat. This, in turn, along with the sun, warms our planet’s surface to a temperature well-above what it should be.

What can companies do to reduce pollutants to help sustain the earth for future generations? Some companies have started using more environmentally friendly or Eco-friendly packaging. By adopting this process, it helps to reduce toxins and allergens released into the atmosphere due to the use of recycled waste material. This material is also biodegradable, which makes for easy disposal, and less use of harmful plastics. If more companies implement the use of Eco-friendly packaging, they would save money by reducing shipping and production costs. Companies will be able to reuse and recycle Eco-friendly packaging, which is another money saving advantage. The goal is to effectively reduce usage of raw non-renewable resources that can be costly and requires even more effort to expend.

With the increased hype of global warming, people have become extremely conscious about the environment. In a 2017 Gallup poll, it showed 73% of Americans felt paper shopping bags caused less harm to the environment than plastic. Many of these people look for ways in which they themselves can help to preserve the health of the earth. For example, like using

Essay by: Jalen Hill
Marist High School

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