Companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging because we only have 1 earth and, there are no nearby planets to shelter, and it hurts the ocean with the waste of plastic/trash. They should also adopt environmentally friendly packaging because it sets examples for young people and old people alike. It also brings awareness to customers and employers to keep the planet clean. They are also biodegradable, and eco-friendly materials will not take centuries to break down. Eco-friendly materials require fewer materials to produce and boost sales by attracting more customers. Customers today are all about sustainability. These packages can be easily recycled, saving more energy and pollution. It inspires people to do the same. I was inspired when a particular Walmart in California had recycled bags and, I used them from now on. Recycling prevents the emission of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants. Companies will set the example to take environmentally friendly packaging seriously and, it will take down the percentages of waste, improve the quality of life, age, diseases, and illnesses. Businesses can be environmentally friendly and still be in profit. For example, Calvin Klein has 74% of their packaging recyclable, part of a larger goal to be a zero-waste company by 2030. An example, ASOS’s efforts to ship sustainably have prevented 583 tons of plastic from being wasted. While the profit is not being affected. Amazon Tide eco box is from their frustration-free packaging initiative. Another pro is it improves brand image and awareness. It reduces carbon footprint, but It also makes it easier to get rid of packages with eco-friendly packaging. Companies should adopt not only for the environment but help companies save money, is more money, fewer resources used, healthy for the environment, saves wastes, set away from competitors, and attract more customers. Businesses can profit even from the waste themselves. For example, Adidas joined with Parley for Oceans to produce 7,000 limited edition sneakers made from the trash acquired from the ocean. Sneakers sold out, and Adidas was set to make 1 billion dollars. It is not just about the environment but also reducing and reusing waste will also save money, energy, and natural resources. It is a win-win. The demand for going green is high as well. According to an international survey, more than 80% of people respect companies and brands that adopt an eco-friendly environment/products. Also helps companies by reducing the costs it takes to package and transport products. Going green will also attract and obtain more staff members to help companies grow. Investing in renewable energy and green technology could qualify businesses for tax-related benefits. It also improves brand image and reputation which, can attract even more customers and strengthen customer loyalty. That is more than 10 ways why more companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging but, there is 1 more reason than just business or for the environment. The companies should do it for the planet, a crucial cause for this movement, there is no backup planet and, Mars is an expensive and unavailable option, so we need to put in the effort to take care of the Earth.

Essay by: Christian Stewart
Arizona State University

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