The most noteworthy idea was the conceptual thought, what each and every individual does matters and that hit extremely hard. Particularly, what I do has a substantial impact on my surroundings along with others around me. Self-evaluation took effect and influences my actions today the more I look at it. I’ve become more conscientious and braver in everything I do. Keeping in mind my impact and the impact as a whole on surrounding agriculture and individuals. Through this I’ve developed the desire to do good and maintain sustainability.

I yearn to increase my knowledge about the local food systems. Changing my own foodways, and possibly influencing others to follow my path. My choices will account for the surrounding environment, acknowledging that my actions have an impact. Also, taking into consideration that the environment isn’t everlasting and treating it with respect because previously I haven’t done so. I desire to help neighboring agriculture flourish and hopefully the people closest to me follow. Transiting these previous ideas into what my role is as an individual isn’t vigorous. Treating earth and the agriculture it provides for us properly and fully recognizing that it’s finite is of the upmost importance, because being carless with my actions is a formula for mass destruction. Others including myself make conclusions that each endeavor we decide doesn’t modify what surrounds us, but throughout my learning I can conclude it definitely does. Limiting my consumption of meat products and shifting to a vegetable friendly diet is the best alternative I’ve established to meeting my protein wants. Gaining the knowledge of meat and the entire process that is engraved in our system disgusts me because it requires copious amounts of water and the carbon dioxide that’s released is astonishing. I have the ability to not support customary systems within our culture that heavily impact earth and that’s the action I’ll take.

My individual thoughts are entitled to me but since I’m attending a University, I have a role as a student which is applicable to everyone. Having the ability to increase my intellectual perceptions and formulate succinct reasoning on each aspect of a sustainable food system is my duty, because increasing my knowledge is a capability I have. Squandering the comprehension of earth and excluding information that’ll challenge me intellectually is the worst thing I could do, because I’m surrounded with plentiful resources giving me the ability to improve my understanding. Desiring to challenge my ideologies and getting to fully understand myself is something I’m looking forward to most simply because I’ve never wanted to challenge my diet, having the idea that it was sufficient. With increased research, being adaptive to new challenges that may be opposed to my line of thinking, and having the ability to let others influence me, only then I’ll grasp the capabilities to take my life somewhere otherworldly.

Supporting localness and being informative to others to accompany me is a duty that I have as a Wisconsin resident. Wanting to impact people by influencing their perceptions instilled in them but being respective of their previous beliefs is a desire of mine. Specifically, desiring to enlighten people about how troublesome our current food system is and how it can be revamped. Explaining how they’re not doing anything wrong, but how they have the capabilities of starting change and that begins with a single individual wanting to. Surrounding themselves with a gardening community is a delightful choice, people can establish particular foods at certain households and settle a trading system. Supporting this idea reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to the ongoing problem of global warming, and you’re creating a miniature society. Formulating interpersonal relationships by communicating with neighboring people and getting freshly grown fruits and vegetables are the immense bonuses of this.

The predominant effect I can have individually is increasing the scale in which I’m looking at and view the impact I have as an American of the United States. There is this structure of food that we have encased people in that’s composed of such an impairment of human self-awareness and refinement. Adequate food has been diluted as the fast-food industry becomes more convenient and widespread, because the systematic line of thinking is enough nutrients can be consumed through stopping at fast-food. I recognize that I won’t participate in the diverse bountiful high calorie compacted minimal costing food and stick to my apprehension of cooking because if falling out of line occurs, I become like everyone else. I want to better my appreciation for the culturally diverse foods I’m handed and luckily enough surrounded with because exterminating the obstructive system of food in America is healthiest. The commodity that fast-food has mature into is troublesome, plainly because it’s a conditional behavior to grab quick meal, this is the most self-detrimental action a person can take. Inadequacy perfectly describes the influence it has because there’s a depletion of sufficient nutritional value in the meals, they’re something to not thrive off of and this has become more apparent as the industry has grown immensely.

As a global citizen it’s my obligation to create unification amongst fellow people and creating an atmosphere where all thoughts are welcome, and that each individual has significance. Creating an association amongst people because no matter the circumstance, we all have something that drives out to get out of bed and that sparks a requirement for change. Magnifying that into the same consideration that the earth needs help and it’s crying out for it, also educating those at a younger age. Collaboratively coming to the understanding that the younger generation is the cornerstone for a promising future, they have the ability to initiate the start of a new era. Being informative and aiding in an increased understanding of what is causing colossal damage to the earth should be communicated because then different perspectives and insights are taken into consideration. Recognizing that there are ongoing issues, but congregating will only make circumstances better and the children will have development of what’s occurring globally.

In conclusion, through writing this paper and evaluating my thinking I was able to fully discern what it is I want to achieve as a society and as a person. I’ll take the knowledge that I gained from writing this paper into further light and implement it into every aspect of my life, because it’s a holistic way of thinking and it makes me better. I also personally gain the ability to formulate a connection with others and widening my scope about what it means to be an inhabitant of earth. These values I learned changed my food life and I’m forever thankful. I’ve been impacted in a way that I didn’t know was possible and I want to go out and make a change!

Essay by: Joseph Miller
University of Wiconsin-Stout

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