As you may know (there’s much coverage on this topic, even becoming a political argument) the ocean is in grave danger. There is scientific evidence that explains that sea levels can rise, even affecting coastal cities. Additionally, many of the organisms and species of the sea could perish due to all of the issues affecting the ocean. Some of these negative effects are already occurring at this moment, which is how scientists are certain that these catastrophic events could become dangerous if we don’t conserve and protect the ocean. The ocean is a part of all of our lives as it regulates, maintains, and circulates the atmosphere and the air that we breathe. It also contains many ecosystems where marine organisms live.

In order to protect our ocean, we need to take steps to conserve it. We could reduce pollutants and waste by using non-toxic substances and recycling/reusing; just using less plastic, in general, would help. Instead of packing with plastic, companies could package with a safer and sustainable alternative, such as a type of paper. Sometimes, when I go into certain shops in the place where I live, the stores package my items in paper. Paper is still durable and the item is still packaged safely due to the thick paper.

We could also reduce vehicle pollution, but humans rely on traveling long distances, which means vehicles like trucks are essential; perhaps, we could lobby for a new law that would implement a new and efficient transportation system. Companies could build a special type of transportation that would reduce packaging waste. Perhaps, companies could use skyways or some type of conveyor belt that would prohibit the packaging from entering the ocean. Boats are an unsafe and unsustainable way of transporting goods as it is easy for pollution to enter the water. Perhaps, airplanes would be a better alternative for transport.

Anything to reduce our carbon footprint would save our planet. Moreover, we could volunteer for cleanups. We could clean up rivers, lakes, and canals that runoff into the ocean. Remember, all drains and waterways lead to the ocean. Companies should have special employees that keep track of waste entering the ocean. They would act like inspection agents that would check up on the company to see how much waste enters the ocean. As soon as waste enters the ocean, employees could clean it up and reduce it as much as they can to keep the waters clean. Likewise, there should be health specialists, who keep track of harmful pollutants and chemicals that come into contact with drains and riverways. They should set up preventative measures to ensure the ocean stays clean. A great way to keep packing waste from polluting the ocean is by setting up a net or a type of container at surface level that would collect and capture as much waste as possible so that it doesn’t enter the water. Similarly, there could be a vacuum-like device that sucks up waste. I believe packing companies and other types of companies should try to adopt any of these strategies to make our oceans cleaner.

Essay by: Zander G Hill
Arizona State University

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