In the US any populated area is littered with trash and one of the biggest causes of our waste is packaging, this year packaging made up around 30% of our total waste. When I saw this statistic, I was shocked and wondered how in today’s socio-economic climate companies and consumers alike are accepting of this percent. Furthering my research into the issue of packaging waste I saw how there is a push for companies to switch to sustainable packaging. I initially thought there is change in most companies through my exploration on social media. However, the issue is more sophisticated and starts with consumers. In today’s economy most organizations are customer centric and customer service is more important than ever. With this change in our economy consumers can lobby and push major companies to make a change to sustainability. My idea starts highlighting the customer approval rate in company’s using sustainable packaging showing that our economy is structed for the future to be customer centric and not meeting the needs of your customers will lose part of a company’s customer base.

In our economy the shift from a top-down organization structured company to a bottom-up organized company especially in startups has been overwhelming. Consumers are the main concern with how a company is ran because the frontline workers or “bottom workers” are more in tune with the needs of consumers. Frontline workers interact with customers every day and look different in every business, these workers range from physical store front workers to online support associates. So, the adaptation to a new business model in some company’s has put consumers expectations at an all-time high since consumers needs are put first in this business model. Meaning that an organization that negates the needs of their consumers will lose profit, customers, and sales. No business wants to lose any potential revenue therefor if any company regardless of their business model doesn’t adapt to a more customer centric focus consumers will take their business to a different company.

Adaptation is crucial in today’s economy so how do company’s make a change to sustainable packaging efficiently. The first and most important part is to know that the switch will take a financial investment. Sustainable packaging is more expensive however, the investment will pay off because making a switch in packaging shows the consumer that the company cares about their needs eventually increasing sales. The next step in the process in to understand the demands of the consumer to start social media is a straightforward resource. Looking for popular blogs, post, chats, or any social media engagement that has any association with the company’s product or service is a direct way to see what customers are saying unbiased. Developing a customer survey is another direct way to interact with customers however this can be costly. Subsequently looking at different companies that are like the company wanting to adapt to the customer’s needs is important because meeting the same standards or improving upon the standards set within the company’s specific industry can be highly beneficial. The final step in the process to make an actual change is to act, this action will look different from business to business but making the change will have a positive customer impact regardless of the context.

The industrial change to sustainable packaging is crucial in maintaining a strong customer base and keeping up with today’s socioeconomic standards. Without the adaptation to sustainable packaging a percent of a company’s customer base will choose to take their business elsewhere. Making this change is a positive change for brand image, sales, and most importantly our environment. The change is needed in today’s economy and for our earth, so switch to sustainable packaging today.

Essay by: Nathan Andrew Haas
Purdue University

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