Companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging to decrease the destruction of mother nature. Over the year’s companies experiment with different kind of products to sell to the customer and sometimes it led to damaging a part of the world. During the seventies, hairspray and Styrofoam led to the damage of the ozone layer due to the use of aerosol spray. Factories also using nicotine and unfiltered fumes has led to the world creating acid rain that killed many trees and plants. All of these problems that have led to serious consequences has made companies adapt and rethink their company’s procedure towards becoming more environmentally conscious. If companies have been adapting to change, today’s business can also do the same towards helping future generations to have a better future. Companies should be advancing to make a solution towards making environmentally friendly package before it affects their resources and income. It is not rocket science to see that plastic does not decompose easily, we are still seeing plastic wrappers from years ago. It is the number one item being used to packaging and it is also the number one killer of the environment. There are so many living organisms that are being killed because of plastic, thus slowly limiting companies’ resources. In the way we are mass producing and plastic packaging, we are killing the earth because we are mindlessly using its resources by stripping away its nutrients or endangering animals. It is a deadly combination that will lead to scarcity of resources at a very fast pace.

Another reason that companies should be adopting environmentally friendly packaging because today’s youth has been more conscious towards societal issues including the environment. If companies want to attract towards the youth and future generation, they should be more ethical and environmentally conscious of their products and mission of their company. Internet has been the number one source towards sharing companies that have been conscious and make ethical work towards integrating solutions towards societies issues. The youth has made it a trend towards society that having environmentally friendly aspects towards their products help them sell more revenue. The comeback of thrift shops has been an on-going trend for a few years now because teens have been seeing it as a way to help and a fun way to find vintage goods. Youtubers and social media influencers appreciate less packaging towards the products they buy or sent, and it motivates them more to share to their viewers because it is a positive content that they are creating. It becomes another incentive for them to further buy products from the company because they’re contributing for a better change. The youth have seen the past generations’ mistake and they are more motivated than ever to prevent another environmental crisis to happen. Companies should take it into consideration to make the packaging more minimal and shipment using harsher products to further bring in customers because it makes them feel good about helping in little ways. And many companies’ downfall these days are the news being spread around by the youth that they have been unethical towards their products. One teen that makes extensive research and a twitter account can’t ruin a company’s reputation.

There are many more reason companies should switch to environmentally friendly packaging, but it should be a company’s duty to include in their service towards helping our environment status improve. The world is not going to renew itself after we have exhausted all it resources and it is our duty as humans to help it as it is all of our homes. There shouldn’t be a reason why companies cannot shift there packaging to be more environmentally packaging because we have seen it in the past and the youth’s energy towards fighting for a better change.

Essay by: Nicole Marie A. Sante
University of Southern California

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