One aspect as to why companies should switch to environmentally friendly packaging is that the majority of major retail companies expect eco-friendly production from the labels they carry. An important element that major retailers prioritize is their promise to customers to promote and inhibit sustainability within their store, and this pledge extends to the companies that consist in their market. In order for businesses to be able to sell their products at large retail chains, such as Walmart and Target, they will need to uphold these sustainability and environmental expectations for packaging. Another benefit that environmentally friendly packaging will provide for companies is the reduction of shipping costs. As a result of eco-friendly materials used in the packaging production, it commonly reduces packaging materials and overall mass size, lowering the cost of transportation. These organic materials consisting in the packaging allows for less waste in production and packaging design. In turn, this leads to a decrease in overall costs and an increase in sustainability in the manufacturing and operational department. Even if the initial cost in transitioning materials is high, the overall economic and saving benefits outweigh the upfront prices. Not only do these sustainable materials minimize prices, but they also lower the company’s overall carbon footprint by reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. This result would not only promote that market’s emphasis on sustainability, but it would also bolster them in terms of other major retailers and their focus on eco-friendly companies. An additional benefit for companies transitioning to ozone-friendly packaging is the increase in consumer demand. The majority of consumers are happy to pay more for the sustainability aspect of merchandise. In fact, customers actively seek for recyclable and organic materials in their products. This not only increases demand for the retailer, but also grows support towards these eco-friendly companies. This aspect not only allows companies to both attract and retain customers, but an eco-friendly reputation also promotes customers to conserve and support the environment. Furthermore, switching to environmentally-friendly packaging saves transportation and production costs, and it increases their profits as well. An aspect that companies will not need to surrender in switching over to sustainability is the multi-faceted options that come with recyclable materials. These products provide versatile packaging choices along with outstanding printability and designing options. These eco-friendly, various options are additionally suitable for packaging within every department, such as clothing, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. Most consumers end up having more packaging materials then they desire and know what to do with. Not only does this create a hassle for customers, but it also damages the environment when the packaging consists of damaging materials. With compostable and recyclable packaging, companies will create less waste for the consumer and environment. Another countless benefit of green packaging is that it reduces recycling and compost contamination. In addition, now seems like the time for companies to transition to more sustainable ways of production, with the world at an all-time high in plastic production. Switching to environmentally friendly-packaging will provide the world, consumer, and companies with a plethora of conserving benefits.

Essay by: Isabella Alexis Guadian
Arizona State University

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