Global warming had become an inescapable issue in modern society. In the past years, the earth had become hotter and hotter. It’s mainly the human-caused increase in global surface temperatures. The current natural crisis we are facing on a worldwide scale is obviously directly affecting in and shopping propensities. Important issues such as plastic pollution and deforestation are causing consumers to have concerns over where their products are coming from, and what is their impact on the environment. Businesses should adopt eco- friendly products and packaging into their services in order to cater to the conscious consumers’ needs.

Taking a walk on the seaside of any coat we can see plastics bags washed up on our coasts in visible form, the plastic pollution display outrightly revealing on our seashores. Perhaps when the humans are all gone, the plastics will stay and tell our story. And for the most originating part, starting from the land. For more than 50 years, the production and consumption of plastics have continued to rise. Now, research on global climate change has clearly pointed out that the temperature of the earth’s surface has begun to rise since the end of the last century. Sulfur dioxide and fluoride produced from the factories are very serious to plants. When the concentration of pollutants is high, it can cause acute damage to plants, destroy vegetation and cause global warming.

With millennials leading the way, conscious consumerism is on the rise, and eco-friendly product packaging is highly significant in terms of shaping the future of retail, as companies will need to evolve to retain and grow upon their customer. Due to the increasing awareness of environmental issues. When purchasing products more consumers will first consider the social, ecological, environmental and political impact of products. A conscious shopper will attempt to make purchasing decisions that will have a positive impact on GDP and the environment. Statistics show that 33% of consumers are now concerned about their product and whether it has been made ethically. We can also see how big businesses advertise their makeup products are now labeling cruelty-free and vegan on to their products. That seventy-four percent of people are also willing to pay more for a product if it is guaranteed to be eco-friendly. It is hugely important that businesses adapt to meet these increasing demands not only to help the environment but to also attract conscious consumers and improve sales.

There are many benefits of switching to eco-friendly products and packaging from a business perspective. By switching to ego friendly packaging, it requires less energy to produce than plastics. Produces less waste and causes no harm to the environment. It is reusable and recyclable at a lesser cost than plastic packaging. What is even better, it will improve the brand image and attracts customers. Overall, the rise of awareness and implementation of eco-friendly items from a business and consumer perspective is hugely important, and it is gradually having more of a positive impact on our shopping habits as well as our general attitude and contribution towards the environment.

Essay by: Xinyu Liu
Valencia College

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