The world is constantly evolving; so shouldn’t we evolve with it? Approximately 80% of all waste ends up in the ocean, which results in marine life becoming endangered, pollution, and much more. Eventually the waste that is so carelessly thrown in the ocean will end up finding its way back into our bodies through the food chain. This is why we should go green and reduce waste. If not for the earth’s sake, then for our own.

There are many ways that we could all work towards keeping the ocean clean. One way is to be mindful of our carbon footprint and to do our best to reduce our energy consumption. You may be wondering; how can I do this? It’s actually quite simple! Instead of driving your car everywhere, try to walk or take a bike somewhere. You can also switch to more environmental safe lightbulbs and even use extra blanket as to not overuse your thermostat at home.

Another way to help make our ocean healthy again is to reduce our plastic usage. There are tons of ways to reduce the amount of plastic that you use. Several of these options are actually quite easy to participate in! Instead of buying plastic bottles, you could buy a reusable metal bottle. If you find a decent quality one, they last a long time. You can also take cloth bags to grocery stores while shopping instead of using the free plastic ones that they offer. One more idea to help reduce your plastic usage is to use non-disposable containers to store food and items in.

An additional way to help the ocean is to be its voice! The water and marine life may not be able to speak up about the pollution, but you can. A great idea to do this is to spread awareness to your town’s local businesses and restaurants. You can do this by finding facts on the importance of the ocean and facts on the increase of waste in the ocean. All it takes is one voice to change the minds of thousands. With your knowledge on the ocean and why we should protect it, you could very well be that voice!

The ocean needs us, just like we need the ocean. It needs us to be there to ensure that it is clean and well taken care off. Without the ocean, many people would be left unemployed, several food sources would be eliminated, and thousands of animals and plants would go extinct. We need the ocean alive! There are so many opportunities for you to be able to do your part in protecting and cleaning our ocean. Just find the one that is best for you and begin your new life as a voice for the ocean.

Essay by: Layla Delk
Crossett High School

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