Most of us know that dawn is a soap that is for cleaning and is remembered by the duck commercial where ducks covered in tar from the oceans and other bodies of water get cleaned up by people like us that are concerned about their wellbeing and want to help them survive. Just this commercial alone helped the Dawn company show they wanted to be more environmentally active. Whether it be their packaging, motivating consumers to use their products for environmental work, or motivating through commercials to become more environmentally friendly. This is just one company that is making a big impact on our society and world by being a big motivator and helping all they can to improve the environment. What about all the other brands and factories that aren’t doing this? What do they need to do to become an environmentally friendly company that is well known like Dawn?

For other brands, factories and companies, they need to improve on their packaging. To save our animals and the bodies of water they live in. Whether it be a more biodegradable material that is used for packing products, reducing the fuels and energy they use within their factories daily, or even motivating other companies and consumers to be more environmentally friendly through their advertising tools. The packaging programs they have now to improve the environment aren’t making much of a difference. There are still a lot of materials when packaging that isn’t able to decompose and is still harming the environment just as much as it was before. Not much improvement is being made in this aspect. These decomposable materials are being trapped with materials that aren’t and are having difficulty being able to reach the ground to properly decompose. The future of sustainable packaging should be more able to decompose these materials and be able to avoid these materials going into the oceans and other bodies of water. For the bodies of water we have are heavily important for our survival and for animals to survive as well. These bodies of water are used for everything possible. Trade, Water to drink, cooking food, washing, cleaning, and even transportation. By making a location for this kind of material so it’s separate from the trash that can’t decompose, it can improve the environment around where it decomposes and stay away from these important bodies of water. These are the best options we can take in improving our environment, the oceans, other bodies of water, and the lives of animals that live in these ecosystems.

For these companies to say they are environmentally friendly or trying to take the steps to become environmentally friendly they need to take these options into account. We need to work as a society and save our lives, our environment, and the animals that live within our environment and the oceans. This is our planet, our Earth and we only have one. We need to do what we can before it’s too late and save our planet and the animals within these environments before we lose the chance. Save our environment, save our animals, save our lives, and most importantly, save our oceans for they are the main source for our ecosystem.

Essay by: Ashley Engler
Southern New Hampshire University

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