Many Companies and people may ask why sustainability? It’s important to take in what’s going on in our world currently. The United States produced 6.7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide In the year 2018. The world generates about 3.5 tons of plastic and other solid waste a day. About 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the world’s ocean every year. This is a lot of damage caused to Earth each year and will be really hard to recover if we don’t take action soon Or find a solution. Big companies can switch over to sustainable Packaging and that would be one small step in the right direction. Sustainability is important because it includes having clean air, natural resources, and a non-toxic environment. Sustainability has increased at an exponential rate in the years 2019-2020. Over hundreds of companies have Switched over to sustainable Packaging and Led the way with bold new climate commitment. With more and more companies Adopting environmentally friendly packaging and renewable energy we see a decrease in ocean pollution and greenhouse gases. This also helps with climate change which is also one of the other issues that we need to find solutions to because it is affecting the way we live. This also encourages the company’s followers to take in hand their own carbon Footprint. By contributing in small ways whether that be recycling or going zero waste in support. Sustainable packaging is designed to minimize inefficiencies That contribute to environmental harm. This harm is not only to our earth but to us as well. Pollution is bad for humans and animals can cause and spread many diseases. Also, ocean pollution disrupts the food chain and many species are extinct because of all the waste thrown into the oceans yearly. Sustainable Packaging can reduce Solid Waste, use water, and electricity. When companies switch over to sustainability Within their production they improve brand image and have a more competitive advantage. It also shows social responsibility as a company when you are taking action to apply a solution to a problem many people and companies ignore. More companies will try to grasp the eco-friendly role to gain customers. Studies show that customers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. This allows companies to have more profit and committed customers. Companies can also increase productivity and reduce costs this can also give them the opportunity to attract employees and investors. Marketing your company eco-friendly-based opens the opportunity to attract more employees as it reaches out to a bigger audience of people. As many people have started shifting to supporting and working for eco-friendly companies. The future is sustainable so it would only benefit companies to go green now than later. Even many cities are thinking of ways to better provide their citizens with more ways to be green and are planning to replace public transportation with eco-friendly vehicles. Our earth is being destroyed and we humans are the problem but we can also be the solution!

Essay by: Tanvir Saini
Arizona State University

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