We have only one home, earth, a home with features that can sustain life, growth, and nurture development. Consisting of various beautiful aspects of nature, from greenery to water bodies, beautiful landscapes, and breathtaking artful sites. There is no other place that we can call home, it is where we were born, where we will grow and thrive, and where we will die and return to the soil. It is therefore critical to understand the importance of sustaining our home, through our actions, as well as our inactions with every aspect of our everyday living in consideration. Encouraging eco-friendly practices is the way to go in ensuring a safe environment for all forms of life. Being eco-friendly, or in other words, going green simply means living in a way that does not harm the environment.

This way of life is becoming increasingly important as we need to protect our planet from man-made damage. Often, businesses use ambiguous terms in relation to eco-friendly activities to advertise goods and services that portray the company’s interest in supporting sustainability. However, in order to successfully achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), companies are recommended to use environmentally friendly processes in their production. Specifically, Sustainable goal twelve measures eleven goals and thirteen indicators to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. This is why there is a need for companies to adopt environmentally friendly packaging. Some examples are Recyclable packaging materials, Plant-based packaging, Edible packaging, Plantable packaging, and Compostable and biodegradable plastic alternatives.

There are great benefits that accompany the use of environmentally friendly packaging, including, decreasing the carbon footprint. The most obvious benefit of sustainable packaging is the protection of our environment because sustainable packaging is typically made from biodegradable, recycled materials that reduce the waste of natural resources for production. In addition, the manufacturing process is generally more efficient, further reducing the wastage of valuable resources and minimizing the company’s negative impact on the environment. Another benefit is it is biodegradable. Green packaging has long-term positive effects on companies and the environment. These sustainable materials are biodegradable and recyclable, so their impact on the environment is minimal.

Environmentally friendly packaging is also multipurpose, packaging that is sustainable not only contributes to environmental protection in its production. They can also be very versatile and can be used by different companies that use ordinary packaging in their production. Whether you are looking to package cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or automotive components, there is an eco-friendly packaging product that meets your eco-friendly needs.

In conclusion, environmentally friendly packaging has several benefits that support the protection of the environment and the success of the company as well. From increasing the customer base to boosting the brand’s image, which ultimately leads to an increase in sales. “There’s no place like home.” This phrase best explains why companies are highly recommended to adopt the environmentally friendly packaging practice. Truly, there is no other place we can call home and it is our responsibility to protect our home.

Essay by: Jason Awuley Lartey
University of New Haven

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