In today’s society, marine pollution is a significant problem. Our oceans are being overwhelmed with an abundance of garbage and chemicals, which is not only concerning for our health but also for the animals that live in that environment. While looking at the chemical aspect of the pollution of our oceans, it comes primarily from human activities and the chemicals being put in our waterways. All these chemicals overfilling the ocean will create a gross amount of algal blooms; a growth of algae on the surface of the water. Algal blooms produce extremely dangerous toxins that can sicken or kill people and animals. The more chemicals going in the ocean will produce a gross amount of toxins, undoubtedly harming creatures inside and outside of the waters.

Now, how do we reduce packaging waste in the world’s oceans? As the pandemic continues, there has been a noticeable difference in our waterways. Not nearly as much pollution or an invasion of chemicals has been occurring and it has been seen greatly through the shining blue waters. I live in New Jersey and my whole life the Hudson River has been a dark green and unwanted to swim in. The other day, dolphins were swimming in the river, happy and healthy. The river itself has also been environmentally improving as we see the water is becoming more clearer and an increase of water quality has been seen. Having less packing pollution has made a great effect on a major metropolitan river that has always been known for a gloomy appearance.

As seen from the lack of human activity in the oceans due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the seas have already shown great improvement. Now, how to keep out the packing waste to keep furthering the growth that has been made. One that is obvious, is to throw out your trash properly. Leaving debris on the side of the road for a landfill to form will not solve any issues. Neither is littering near the waters or even in the waters a good idea . The packing waste will pile into the ocean harming the animals and will disrupt the progress that has been made from the period of the pandemic.

Another wonderful way to help and limit waste in the ocean is to use reusable products, instead of plastic. The world has already started to convert to nonplastic products, which has helped a great deal, but we need to continue to keep up with this movement. Using a reusable water bottle instead of a nonbiodegradable product, that can add to landfills, promotes a green environment. Therefore, this would lead to a better ecosystem and keep our waterways clean.

Everyone has been educated on the rules of pollution, but we all turn a blind eye to it. Do not be the person to ignore the changes needed to be made, recycle your products and never throw them out in a nonrecyclable area. The environment takes a huge toll on our mistakes, which is unfair to the wildlife who are not making these bad decisions. I want to see the dolphins return to New York and with everyone actively being cautious, it will happen.

Essay by: Olivia Westervelt
Wayne Valley High School

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