The thought of making Packaging recycling programs was initiated by people who wanted to make a difference. They showed this through the action of coming up with a plan. Many would argue that there could be a better solution; however, a plan is better than no plan. There is not just one solution to a problem. Solutions can be like a puzzle; each piece helps make the whole picture. This can also be applied for finding a solution, like ecofriendly packaging, to protect our environment. As I observe my surroundings, I have noticed plastic containers on the floor. My community college has an Environmental Club, and we have trash pick up days; however, this is not enough. I know that others only care about their own accommodations. There is nothing wrong with this, but I believe in sustainability. I want to be a leader, so I can take care of my environment, the people I love, and for everyone else. Environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and financial sustainability are all essential for every single person to live in a healthy environment. Packaging recycling programs help our environment by providing packaging that is effective and harmless. Another reason why I support packaging recycling programs is because I recently realized how every container we use, from trash bags, to plastic containers, can affect our environment. In August, my community college started using plastic containers, so students can take their foods to go. This method may seem unnecessary at first; however, they were forced to come up with a solution to maintain social distance because of the pandemic that we are currently going through. I totally understand why they did this; however, they did not think about the effects this will have on our environment. They did not think about the future generations. As a member of the Environmental Club, I have been trying to come up with a plan that I can present to my club in the Spring 2020 when we go back to school. While there is so much I still have to learn, I am continuing to educate myself about the environment. The plan I have right now is to replace the plastic containers for biodegradable containers, put recycling bins on our campus, and to spread awareness about ways we can take care of our environment. Like the people behind these recycling programs, I also want to make a difference. One day, not only do I want to provide scholarships for students like me, but I also want to create an organization that will work together to protect our environment. I want to spread others with this desire to take care of our environment and give the future generations a financially stable environment, a healthy environment, and a social environment that is fair and full of compassion. Some people are unaware about the importance of taking care of the environment, which is why other people must find solutions that don’t require them to take action. By buying recyclable packaging, people are indirectly helping the environment.

Essay by: Carmen Ixchel Rodriguez Marroquin
East Central Community College

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