Nature Through My Eyes

Mother Earth and all of its glory is extraordinarily beautiful. The way the trees blow in the wind. The flexibility of the dirt and the soil that allows the prosperous growth of the delicious crops we eat every single day. The glorious flow of breezy water surrounding every continent like its ready to attack at any given moment, but halts to show its mercy. The illuminating burning star that lights up the sky for 12 hours a day just to switch with “Earth’s natural satellite” to simultaneously provide protection for the occupants of this world. The small legged creatures that inhabit this planet and guarantee that this ground will continue to thrive for the rest of the time that they shall live. I long for a society that cares about the planet like other living organisms that settle here. They all help the environment in their own unique way as if they are repaying nature for its gratitude for letting them stay here. Frogs eat algae which helps control the growth of different plants and entities while defending against algae contamination. Praying mantises help farmers by feeding on other insects to preserve the essence of their plants. Beavers create dams which trap in the toxic chemicals or substances within rivers or ponds from hurting any other animal or the ground we stand on. All of the other organisms on Earth put in the time to make sure this world continues to stay healthy.

Please Stop

Numerous companies are refusing to make a conscious effort in conserving our planet and it’s a shame. It shows that these corporations do not see the beauty that this world strongly holds. They are allowing hazardous products into our environment like our water and air, destroying the quality of the chemicals we breathe and drink constantly. Without the proper procedure and disposal of specific chemicals, companies are freely and slowly killing not only our health, but other creature’s lives also. The amount of plastic that is currently built up in our oceans and stacked on our lands is outrageous. About 269,000 tons of plastic is embedded into our soils and bodies of water as of June 7th of 2022. Environmental Scientists have narrowed down that around 55% of that plastic is from 20 businesses found here today. This should not be a problem for large corporations if it is not a problem for other organisms. It is killing other life forms that deserve a home on this planet. Our earth is dying a slow, painful death and large brands are basically taking a knife and stabbing it through its back.They are adding to devastations of nature where especially now we can feel and see the effects of improper care of our world. Large firms are basically ignoring the calls for help from the earth and its other inhabitants; it’s upright selfish. We will fail if we do not have this planet.With the earth and its character, we are whole and full of purpose. Without this terrain, we are nothing.

So What?

All companies should care. They should look at the damage they are causing and find a solution that fits their brand. I completely understand that change takes time, but something that doesn’t, is effort. Finding a way to make packaging reusable or decomposable is a reasonable start in the impact that large corporations have on the environment. I believe if they were able to visibly see the influence they have on our earth over years and years of business, they would not hesitate to change their ways. If they see that it’s okay to watch and note the things other brands are doing to become more aware of their effect on the environment and how they are changing, they too can join and learn from their endeavors. However, the most important thing that a company can do to help their environment in the beginning stages of change is listen. Listen to the activists that are screaming to be heard. Listen to the animals that are hollering to see. Listen to the insects who are working and working to keep this planet alive. Listen to the waters that are raging in order to spread their message. Listen to the Earth and its needs. Listen to understand what you need to do to become a better business so that our home can flourish.

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Essay by: Tamia Pugh
Winchester Thurston High School/Case Western Reserve University

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