There is so much pollution out there today, so many animals in need of help. There are turtles, whales, sea lions, puffins and so many more animals suffering because of pollution. Something needs to be done now! I think that there should be more people doing things about it because there is not a lot of people who are. Some are trying to compose a business out of the problem. Others are just trying to do their part.

There is a company that makes bracelets out of polluted items on the beach. In our oceans, there is so much plastic and garbage just hanging out down at the bottom and even on the beaches themselves. There is so many people who do not care. This company creates bracelets out of trash, recyclables, and plastic. For every bracelet you buy, it encompasses another dollar towards a bracelet and another piece of trash picked off the beach.

I think that it is important to pick up trash off the beach because it’s just an animal, out there trying to survive and eat. They do not know the difference between garbage and food. The leading cause of death for sea animals is pollution. There needs to be some sort of packaging that is harmless to any sort of animal. There may be a way to eliminate plastic all and all. Maybe there is a way to create something that would dissolve in water, but also stay in tack with a juice from a food. There is someone out there that could make it happen.

I think that with a few people making a difference we could have a cleaner planet in a matter of months. It won’t be as clean as it once was but one person making a difference it can change how other people think as well. It needs to change and I think we can do it.

I like to cut the can holders so the turtles and birds necks don’t get hurt or stuck in. Another thing would be to make sure to use metal straws, so turtles won’t be mistaken for plastic straws and eat them. Try to make fisherman stay away from upper sea level animals so they don’t get caught in nets. Another thing you can do is make sure that if you are fishing, you can make sure to not use any rubber lures. This can cause problems for the fish later on in it’s life.

Overall, I think if everyone was going to try to make a difference the world would be a better place. If everyone picked up only one piece of trash, that it would make a huge difference in the way the ocean animals survived. It’s never a bad thing to recycle and take care of your trash. It is never too late to start either. This is some of the reasons why not to pollute the ocean with plastics. As well as to protect marine life.

Essay by: Paige Hunter Swift
Oak Hill High School

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