Nearly everyone has seen images of turtles trapped in plastic rings, trash littering our beaches and our packaging products taking over the Earth. They are not nice-looking images and they cause many of us to claim that steps need to be taken to save our planet. While individuals and families can do their part through recycling or using eco-friendly products, large scale companies are going to make the biggest difference for our environment. Companies today use plastic containing chemicals that cause damage when they are introduced to the planet. These common plastics are often seen as cheaper for companies to buy. Saving money sounds like a great idea, especially for businesses that need to focus on revenue to create a product and pay employees. Switching from common plastic packaging to eco-friendly alternatives can actually provide multiple benefits for large corporations.

One of the benefits for companies is the decrease in their carbon footprint. When companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging, they cut down on the consumption of resources required to make the packages. Limiting resources used allows for them to replenish and for companies to find alternatives that keep our planet safe. When using eco-friendly packaging, it also becomes valuable after it has served its purpose of being a package. Eco-friendly materials are biodegradable and do not pose harm to the environment the way typical plastics and chemicals do. Materials may also be compostable and recycled. They can be used again for packaging or turned into new products.

Environmentally friendly packaging is also better in the eyes of consumers. Eco-friendly materials are healthier since they are free from synthetic materials containing chemicals. When these packaging materials are used for things like food, there is less of a chance for chemicals to seep into the product. Customers that eat these foods will feel better knowing that what they are consuming is not being harmed by chemicals and byproducts. Utilizing environmentally conscious materials also gives companies a better image. When consumers see a company using eco-friendly packaging for their products, this gives them a good impression of the company and makes customers more likely to use the products from the company.

Eco-friendly packaging is also cheaper than typical packaging in the long run. It can be bought in bulk which reduces not only shipping costs, but it requires less material for packaging, to begin with. Buying in bulk is a great way for businesses to save money. Shipping cost is also cheaper with these materials. Eco-friendly materials are often lighter than the typical packaging used which means the total weight being shipped out is less. When shipment is paid for depending on the weight, getting these shipments as light as possible is always ideal.

Overall, going green and being environmentally friendly with packaging is an ideal situation that companies should adopt. By having this type of packaging, major companies will decrease the carbon footprint they leave behind. Using eco-friendly packaging materials is also better looking to consumers that the companies get their revenue from. Finally, using these materials, they are able to save money overall on their packaging and shipping costs. Companies going green is a smart solution not only for the companies, but the planet as well, so let’s make the change.

Essay by: Kaylee Underwood
University of Wisconsin-Platteville

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