Many companies nowadays use single-use plastics that contain chemicals that continue to hurt our planet. Companies often turn to the cheaper route when looking for one-time-use items, like plastic wrap for shipping and many single-use plastics for small packaging. From a bird’s-eye view, cheaper always seems to be the best but when it comes to the end result it can end up doing more harm. Because of the harmful effects of single-use plastics companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging. Environmentally friendly packaging is ideal because it can cost less, can be recycled and reused, and is overall healthier for the planet and consumers.

Environmentally friendly packaging can end up costing less when bought in bulk which can be a plus for large companies constantly buying packaging. Companies tend to buy in bulk when they’re using a lot of products and even though single-use plastics can present as cheaper upfront, environmentally friendly products can end up costing less because they are cheaper to make. Some environmentally friendly products may cost more upfront unlike single-use plastics but when put into play with the packaging they generally outstand the single-use plastics, which is when the environmentally-friendly packaging being to become cheaper.

This packaging not only is environmentally friendly and can cost less but it can also be reused and recycled. This adds to the reason that it can cost less because when companies are able to reuse a product, they wouldn’t go out and buy another bulk of it because they have run out. The reuse and recyclable aspect also help our planet because we are putting fewer chemicals and plastics into the environment further saving our planet a little bit more. This also helps our carbon footprint because when we are able to minimize the amount of waste by recycling, we also minimize the amount of energy that it takes to make that one product.

Not only is environmentally friendly packaging in the end costing less and reusable, it is overall healthier for the planet and for consumers. Many single-use plastics contain many harmful chemicals that can lead to health issues. Those chemicals can actually leach into consumers’ food if they use single-use packaging for food storage. These chemicals can also hurt our planet when the plastics are left out in the environment and those same chemicals seep into the ground which can lead to larger problems. By going green with environmentally friendly packaging, those chemicals are taken out and are better for consumers’ health and the planet’s health.

In closing, the impacts of single-use packaging and plastics are environmentally damaging and physically damaging to consumers. Since environmentally friendly packaging can cost less, is reusable and recycled, and is healthier for the planet and consumers are all the more reason to have companies switching to eco-friendly packaging and plastics. So, next time you go to the store remember to grab the reusable and environmentally friendly packaging so you can improve the planet and your health.

Essay by: Macy Shivalec
University of Central Florida

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