The topic of going green is extremely prevalent in our world today, and I feel adhered to illustrate why. There has been an increase in issues which pollution, trash within our oceans, and the reverberations of unsustainable packaging has continued to make its mark on our globe. With the new year comes a change in perspective, and more companies must reconsider the effects of environmentally friendly packaging, as it would help protect not only our environment, but our personal communities as well. By using packaging that is produced from all natural, biodegradable materials; it limits our carbon effect on the globe and the trade-off is a resulted faster production time and less materials used to create something that protects the environment, rather than one than negatively affects it.

The time is crucial to act, and eco-friendly packaging has proved to be smarter, safer and can be used for multiple other purposes. We can reuse already owned items, and additionally these items can be collected in ways that are more efficient and bring a more unified approach to recycling. The packaging recycling programs that currently exist have proven to work, and there should be more recycling programs in every region because a team effort in collecting waste rids the materials in real time, while simultaneously improving our relationship with the environment, and making sure out trash is prevented from being misplaced. Instituting recycle bins in households effectively manages any of our waste and makes it possible for less trash to be sent to a landfill.

The future of sustainable packaging is a cleaner earth, a reduced footprint, and a better brand image. With the use of new and renewable packaging, more companies will become environmentally and widely respected. By incorporating recycled materials into our products, we use fewer natural resources like oil and gas, which both aid in creating plastic. The chemical elements within these resources are then in the plastic that we use on groceries, clothes and items that can negatively impact our physical health. With the use of these resources that are in high demand, and workers putting in the time to create them; our economy will suffer rather than thrive. As for fixing this issue, recycled materials benefit our economy from company owner’s decisions to reuse and resell products. They generate more income from recycling and produce three times more revenue per landfill ton.

It is essential that we make sure to do better. Only 32 percent of the United States’ waste is kept from our landfills, and even then, the rest of the waste can develop into leachate and end up polluting our own cities and neighborhoods and affect our water and air supply. Even our oceans are suffering, and the exposure to toxins from waste effects the ecosystem. Trash finds its way from inland and can develop into large groups that can range from smaller waste to sharp gear meant for trapping. Sea animals mistake trash for food, internally harming themselves with the plastic they ingest and point source pollution like oil is detrimental as it is spilled into the ocean. These all contribute to the cause for a more sustainable earth.

Essay by: Kelly Cressman
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