100 companies out of the thousands of companies around the world have contributed to 71% of pollution. The largest pollution that they produce is greenhouse gas, which is made of mostly carbon dioxide, methane, and other toxins that add to the pollution problem. One of the ways companies are helping to reverse their negative impact on nature is by switching from the heavily environmentally impacted regular packaging to more sustainable packaging. When more companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging they move the agenda of saving the Earth forward while also providing companies with a better reputation, saving money on their products and packaging, and even aiding the economy by adding more jobs.

The first reason more companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging is because they are accepting a social responsibility for caring for, or at least reducing the damage of, our world. Social responsibility is when a business realizes their commitment to protecting and making the environment better for the good of others. The pollution on the Earth ranges from air, land, and sea, from different toxins that are biohazards for animal life, plant life, water life, and humans. This toxic waste can cause different problems in animals like cancers, asthma, a decline in reproductive health, even poisoning. I believe all of society is responsible for making sure our world stays as healthy as possible. Companies can help reduce our exposure to toxins when they use environmentally friendly packaging.

Another reason businesses should implement sustainable packaging is because they can save money on their resources, decrease the depletion of energy and fossil fuels, save on space, all while increasing their profits. Not only will the companies be saving the planet, but they will also be saving money. This is important because they can use then recycle that saved money, or at least a part of it, to start new programs, expand their business, and more to inspire progression of sustainability. It has been proven that when businesses change their models to line up with the responsibility of protecting the environment, they experience an increase in their revenue. In 2021 a survey was given by the McKinsey Company about the benefits of sustainability for a company currently and in the long run, 22% of companies reported that they saw an increase in proceeds due to the new sustainability model they put into action. The survey also shows the companies who haven’t seen an increase just yet, say that they are looking for a huge rise over the next 5 years. Money can grow when companies show their care for the environment and can get consumers to buy their supplies.

With the demand for more products that are beneficial to the environment, more companies could approve sustainable packaging and market to their company to consumer’s who also care about the environment. This attention to sustainable packaging further assists the organization by expanding their audience/consumer base because they are known for their positive message of taking care of our habitat. The company’s environmentally conscious message can even influence their consumers to be more careful with maintaining the Earth’s beautiful lands, oceans, animals, and plants. The idea is that as the company contributes to committed ecosystem care while maintaining fair prices, consumers are more likely to prefer that company, thereby bringing more money to the business. All of this facilitates the provision of more products, jobs, and economic development all while effecting the environment positively.

The increase of demand for environmentally friendly packaging from not only consumers, but companies as well is a third reason why companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging. Implementing nature-friendly packaging and messages can really impact a company in a beneficial or detrimental way because companies are now looking to pair with others that share the same views that they do. When a business looks for a way to reduce plastic in their packaging, they search for other businesses that are going to supply them with what they need. A big corporate store such as Target™ utilizes companies that allow them to follow through with their new sustainable packaging business model. Ideally, when Target™ is presented with two companies, one that will help them push their environmentally conscious model and the other one that may potentially hinder the businesses’ idea, Target™ is more likely to select the company that will help push their environmentally friendly packaging and image over the one that would damage the image and model they are working and investing to build. The final reason that more companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging is that it supports an increase in jobs. Since sustainability is a relatively new concept, corporations will require more people who understand ecological theory and the implementation of sustainable resources to be their employees. These environmentally informed employees have an opportunity to help guide the company with the creating and enhancing already implemented forms of sustainable packaging. Even hiring outside establishments to study and create better packaging will result in more jobs that will help build the overall economy and allows the idea of sustainability and the use of sustainable resources as sought out and expected industry standards.

In conclusion, more companies should implement sustainable packaging into their businesses because they allow a growth of the economy as well as the environment, a profitable change in image, spreading a positive message and helping preserve the Earth and all of its inhabitants. With sustainability becoming increasingly more sought out by consumers and expected with governmental pressure, companies should be more aware of what they can do to help with this movement. After all, we live here.

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Essay by: Camdyn Taylor
Temescal Canyon High School

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