The human population continues to exponentially grow, which means that our pollution population will do the same. Due to the outstanding efforts from amazing influences there has been a spike in the awareness of the dangers. More companies can, and should, adopt more environmentally friendly packaging because consumers are flocking to new habits, there are more affordable solutions, and the planet along with us are counting on them to do so.

Everyday we are made aware that our habits are catapulting Earth into a dangerous future for mankind. These flares of necessary news that are being lit along social media platforms, documentaries, books, and in the classroom, have given humanity a fighting chance. Part of the fight against climate change is choosing products and companies that align with the same green values as the consumer families possess. Similar to many other habits, the habit of recycling and choosing environmentally friendly companies to buy products from, is being passed down to the next generation of consumers. Companies need to cater to these globally minded consumers in order to succeed now, and well into the future.

As society becomes more aware of the Earth’s struggles as well as the extended lifetime of humanity, generations are paying attention to new needs. Previous generations saw how expensive such choices would have been. More people are engaged in the fight for Earth, which allows for innovation and cost-reduction. Innovation and collaboration have drastically changed the median price on sustainable items. Companies with, and without, a conscience may benefit from choosing environmentally friendly packaging to cater to consumers. There no longer is the concern of the revenue that will be missed if choosing the Earth over the “bottom-line” of profits. If profits won’t be missed, companies can be encouraged to make different choices for packaging.

Companies have a choice just like the rest of us to ignore the issues of the world. We can choose to think the environment will withstand our beating, or we can choose differently. Companies should adopt environmentally friendly practices and packaging because they are leading influences in society. Their impact on the world with their products is just the start of a larger impact. Using their influences and newly found knowledge offers them to be a part of the fight that will affect their future earnings and customer base. Companies should join the fight against climate change to guarantee their presence and every family associated with them.

Companies can choose to be a part of the shift of habits and values without compromising agendas, breaking the bank or cutting profits. They have a choice to fight for the Earth that provided the home for this opportunity to generate and build in the first place. As their awareness rises with the rest of humanity it is not about whether a company should adopt environmentally friendly packaging, but that they can and will in order to stay in our homes. Packaging can be the small change that tips the scale in humanity’s favor.

Essay by: Lauran Echols
Arizona State University

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