The strategy of green management is significant for the development and preservation of the environment. Surroundings in the world are affected by human beings due to non-biodegradable and non-renewable usages. With the rise in global temperature issues, the need for eco-friendly packaging is rising. Packaging is a significant part of daily activities and hence consumers are looking for possible alternatives to reduce our daily harmful usage of packaging materials. So why going green? The following reasons explains that companies should adopt sustainable packing system.

Firstly, engaging in eco-friendly packaging will lead reduction in carbon footprint. A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are released in the environment as a result of human activities. And, the product life-cycle of packaging product undergoes various phases, from the extraction of raw materials to production, transportation, usage and end of the life cycle. Each phase releases a certain amount of carbon in the environment. Eco-friendly packaging employs different methods in each of this process and hence reduce the overall carbon emissions, reducing our carbon footprint. Also, eco-friendly packaging releases fewer carbon emissions during production and they are produced using highly recyclable materials which reduce our consumption of heavy-energy resources.

Various kinds of plastics, such as, Styrofoam, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and other non-biodegradable materials are convenient to use, they negatively impact our environment causing all kinds of environmental problems like clogging water drains, rising global temperatures, polluting water bodies, etc. Almost all packaging materials are thrown away after unwrapping which later gets clogged in rivers and oceans. Using eco-friendly materials will allow us to reduce the amount of plastic that we use. Petrochemical materials which are usually used in all traditional plastics consume a lot of energy in production and disposal. Petrochemical packaging is also linked to health problems when associated with food. Thus, it is essential to decrease the usage of plastic.

Besides, eco-friendly materials are free from toxins and allergens. Traditional packaging is produced from synthetic and chemical-laden materials making it harmful for both consumers and manufacturers. Most bio-degradable packaging is non-toxic and made from allergy-free materials. Many buyers are concerned with what their packaging material is made of and the potential it can have on their health and well-being. Using toxic and allergen-free packaging materials will give your consumers a chance to lead a healthy lifestyle. Though we still don’t have a large quantity of bio-degradable options, the available options are enough to make a smooth transition. Many of the available options can run on the same machines as that of traditional packaging materials, making their way to better affordability and easy implementation.

Apart from these, reasons for non-polluting packaging are versatile – can be reused and re-purposed, expands the company’s customer base and brand name – as awareness is increasing customers are more conscious, etc. In conclusion, to improve the quality of the environment and to save it from destruction, there is a need to implement ‘Green System’ by ‘Going Green’ and this can be achieved by adopting environmentally friendly packaging. These will lead to a healthier and better environment. One message to manufacturing companies: “ Don’t be mean, Go GREEN ”

Essay by: Rajvi Shah
Arizona State University

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