We’ve seen the headlines; The World’s Resources Will Last Until 2050. We Only Have 20 Years Left. Climate Change Will Destroy The Earth As We Know It. We are depleting our world’s resources while we spew carbon emissions into the atmosphere, burn down forests, toss our garbage into the ocean, and so much more. Society is encouraged to take eco-friendly steps, like using metal straws instead of disposable plastic ones, having a reusable coffee cup of water bottle, and using an electric car or using public transport. But while it is great to do these things, the real enemy to earth is the big corporations that consistently ooze large amounts of waste into the ocean and the atmosphere. Companies around the globe should be adopting environmentally friendly options because it will improve their image and bring in more sales, and it will tremendously help the earth to live sustainably. It could all start with more environmentally friendly packaging.

Packing peanuts and plastic packaging are just sitting in landfills and oceans, taking lifetimes on lifetimes to decompose. While they sit there, they take up miles of land and they kill the wildlife in our oceans. Changing to bio-degradable packing peanuts and recyclable glass or seaweed packaging would stop these events from taking place, extending the lifetime of our planet. Companies that adopt this change would be helping the earth and the future immensely. Just like companies, if we want the earth to last, we must invest in it. By adopting eco-friendly packaging, companies not only improve their image but help maintain the earth for so much longer than those predicted headlines. With a lasting earth, companies will have the opportunity to continue to grow and sell their products. This is increasingly more important as the new generations turn to support green companies.

Furthermore, companies that go green improve their image and bring in more sales. As mentioned before, the new generations want to support companies that are environmentally friendly. It is not too late to change. By advertising a new green system for packaging, companies will see new support. Making it known that your company is invested in our future shows young people that they are cared about. We share the same goal, improving the sustainability of the earth. A lot of times, just by switching to greener methods, a company will be shout out by news sources or articles or blogs. The use for their own advertising dissipates, they become known for their eco-friendly ways. This cuts costs for the company and brings in more sales.

It is becoming increasingly evident that we need to change the way we treat the earth, and we need to do it soon. Changing company packaging is one big step towards sustainability. It not only helps the environment, but it also grows company sales. It even lands more investors. Companies need to see the advantages of going green. When they do, the earth and their pockets will be much better for it. Companies contribute so much waste into the earth. However, by adopting greener methods, we will see the new headlines; The Earth Will Survive. Climate Change Is Nearly Eradicated. Living Green.

Essay by: Brooklyn Ziegler
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

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