Going Green – Why should more companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging? In today`s industrialized world all we care about is money. We build factories, cut down trees, and just try to maximize our profit at whatever price it takes. What a lot of people do not think about is our planet.

We are just like parasites, pumping out all of the juices out of the place we live on. More than 10 million tons of plastic are thrown into our oceans, over 180 million tons of toxic waste are going to the same place, over 25% of our globe is covered in plastic. The scariest thing about it – some people do not care. They keep throwing away litter, buying 10 bags in a shop daily, and packs of 20 small water bottles instead of buying a big one. And I do not think we can fix it really easy; people are too stubborn.

However, big companies, who make those types of products, might influence the situation. People would not buy plastic products if they had a better alternative. If at least some of the companies decided to switch to environmentally friendly packaging, it would a big push that might bring big changes. Popularizing eco-friendly packaging or simply offering to get a paper bag at the cashier in a shop would encourage people to join the “green side”. People also need to be educated on why it is a great choice. When buying eco-friendly stuff becomes popular, I believe that people would just follow the “herd instinct” and all buy eco-friendly products subconsciously.

Moreover, there are lots of benefits in switching to eco-friendly packages not only for the planet but for companies themselves too. Natural packaging is much easier to recycle, dispose and reuse. Less electricity and resources are used to produce them. The whole process is much cheaper, easier, and just is a great choice for almost any company. More and more companies are joining the eco-friendly movement, people are becoming environmentally-conscious and this technological change will make a good reputation for any company and bring more customers. Since most of the materials are natural, not only people but the planet will be healthier and safer.

Furthermore, there are a lot of real-world examples of how going green helped companies. Popular Chinese companies like Alibaba and L’Oreal decided to come up with a green packaging strategy, as a result, they found out that people are willing to pay more for an eco-friendly product. Another bright example is Tesla. A lot of people are switching to electric cars to save the environment and take their part in making our world cleaner. Their cliche “going to sustainable energy future” becomes more and more supported nowadays, bringing a huge number of people.

To sum aup, the above said, I must point out, that adopting eco-friendly packaging will make a huge difference in our lives. Improved health level, cleaner oceans, smaller expenses, reduced usage of natural resources – all these benefits we can get by adopting eco-friendly packaging and simply cutting on our plastic usage.

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Essay by: Mykola Hordiichuk
University of Kansas

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