When a shopper walk into a grocery store, each and every item being sold is either in shiny plastic wrapping or another form of packaging. Once the product is opened or used, the packaging goes right into the trash. Humans have become unaware of the amount of waste they are creating. Packaging is used for our own convenience and much of it is unnecessary. We need to take a stand for the environment and implement environmentally friendly packaging.

Shoppers do not tend to question the amount of packaging on products. Why is a tube of mascara in cardboard and plastic packaging? The market industry has become engrossed in wanting to make a profit, and they have forgotten the impact that waste has on the environment. Without the environment and ecosystems in the world, products would not even be able to be produced. That extra packaging on the mascara is only there to make the product look more appealing. A box of cereal is made of a cardboard box and a plastic bag inside. Are both pieces of packaging necessary? We need to eliminate the excess waste. There is a struggle between the market industry and environmentalists. A balance can be found by eliminating unnecessary waste and implementing environmentally friendly packaging.

Companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging to help the world become more sustainable. Environmentally friendly packaging is made from biodegradable materials or is reusable. Biodegradable packaging can be composted therefore producing little to no waste. Some different materials that this packaging could be made out of include cardboard, paper, corn starch, and biodegradable plastic. All of these materials are able to decompose rather than sitting in a landfill for 1,000 years and taking up valuable space. When nonbiodegradable plastic sits in a landfill, the chemicals from the plastic can seep into the ground effecting water supplies. These chemicals can also get into the air. This can cause health issues. The plastic people use and waste does not disappear once thrown away, it can affect them and their health.

This packaging should be minimalist. The amount of material being used should be as small as possible. Not only will this help to eliminate waste, it will save the companies money in the long run. The mascara packaging would no longer include the extra cardboard and plastic around the tube. The company would no longer be required to produce these pieces and use those materials therefore saving them money. The amount of plastic in the packaging of a bag of chips could be drastically reduced if eliminate the portion of the plastic that just has air in it. By making packaging more compact, not only would the company save money on the materials they are using, they would also save money in the shipping process because more product could be kept in a smaller area.

When a company states that they are moving to environmentally friendly packaging, it has been found that 78% of consumers look at that brand more favorably. Switching packaging can enhance the image of your brand and draw consumers to it. This can boost your sales and help your company.

By using environmentally friendly packaging and reducing the amount of packaging producers are using the environment will be helped, the general health of people is considered, and the amount of waste is decreased. It is extremely important that companies implement this new style of packaging to reduce waste. Excess packaging for marketing purposes is unnecessary and hurting the environment. If we use environmentally friendly packaging carbon footprint will be reduced and the image of brands could be improved.

Essay by: Merritt Heinle
Desert Ridge High School

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