I personally think that companies and businesses should adopt environmental-friendly packaging, due to the fact that not only could it help the environment, but also be could for businesses financially as well. It has the capability to increase the demands of the product, it can add value to the brand, as well as opens businesses and ecosystems to more opportunities.

People have been proven over the years to designate more of their disposable income towards companies that help the environment more. People are attracted to nding a cure for pollution, along with deforestation, which inuences their judgments about their purchases. For instance, TOMS agreed for every shoe purchased, they would send a shoe to a child/person in need. People spent a lot of money on TOMS and it even became a trend at one point in time.

Having environmentally-friendly packaging also contributes to adding value to the brand, happier shareholders, along with an increase in productivity. People for centuries have been searching for a healthier alternative due to Global Warming, hunger, and other natural disaster prevention attempts but left unanswered. If companies decide to switch over to Eco-Friendly packaging and products, their businesses will be promoted all throughout the world by people willing to see a change. It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well, simultaneously minimizing chemically toxic work environments.

Although Eco-Friendly packaging might be fun and a better alternative, it can also be very expensive and costly. It takes time, eort, and the right materials to make sustainable anything. Notice how when you go to grocery stores, eco-friendly, organic, or a healthier alternative than junk food is automatically much more expensive. A lot of businesses and big-time companies don’t use eco-friendly packaging for that exact reason. I personally think that businesses should convert to Eco, that way they much more sales than regular packaging, covering the costs of the healthier alternative.

Choosing normal packaging instead of environment friendly also has a good side too. It could dramatically improve the sustainability of your business since you’re not relying on natural resources. Therefore, it can give you long-term success with the right plan. Though with sustainable procedures it can improve the loyalty you get from customers in reducing waste or helping the environment in need.

In conclusion, studies and research demonstrate that sustainable procedures can transform the market and can save the economy. It can create product eciency, improved productivity, Multiple businesses and companies aim to promote conservation and responsible management of resources by using renewable or recycled materials wherever possible and reducing waste through sustainable products.It can contributeto the health of the structure within the operation, thereby helping construct an environment in which the business can thrive, while still being eco-friendly. Sustainable packaging has also been proven to be very costly, so with the right plan a technique you can also use regular packaging to improve the long-term success of the company. It can add brand value as well, improving the customer’s loyalty to the brand.

Essay by: Aniya Mathurin
South Garner High School

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