The environment we live in has been going through a crisis for far too long. Climate change, air pollution, and ocean pollution are just a few of the issues our planet is struggling to fight against because of our actions that are impacting our environment. Only 9% of the world’s plastic has been recycled between 1950 and 2015; 9%, that number is too small. The other 91% of the world’s plastic has gone into polluting our ecosystems and oceans. Plastic has become one of the world’s largest environmental enemies because of how much it impacts the environment, and how little is truly recycled. Companies should start adopting environmentally friendly packaging because it reduces our carbon footprint, becomes part of the brand’s message, and reduces the overall use of plastic material. Our actions have contributed to this environmental crisis, but there are still ways we can try to reduce it. Environmentally friendly packaging can help reduce our carbon footprint with things like biodegradable materials that reduce landfill waste. This is key because the chemicals that are emitted from landfills are one of the most potent greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Companies adopting eco-friendly packaging are also helping to fight climate change by reducing the number of greenhouse gases the landfills release. However, this is not the only reason why companies should move to environmentally friendly packaging.

A brand’s message is a crucial part of the company’s business and success. If a company has a message that a lot of people don’t like, they will not have as many customers because those people do not agree with their message. If companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging, it will show their customers and others out there that they are wanting to make a change in the world and help our earth. In addition, if a brand changes to eco-friendly packaging, they can encourage their consumers to also make changes in their lifestyle. When they show their consumers that they are willing to make a change in their packaging to help reduce plastic pollution and other issues, the consumer may feel more inclined to also change their habits. Companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging because it shows their customers that they have good principles and are wanting to help improve the environment we live in.

Lastly, companies switching to environmentally friendly packaging will reduce the amount of plastic material that is used. We all have received packages from stores that have so much wrapping and plastic in them, and they do not have any good use after they are torn open and tossed. If companies were to embrace environmentally friendly materials, the amount of plastic that is used and thrown away would reduce immensely. Along with reducing the amount of plastic, eco-friendly packaging is safer for consumers and manufacturers. Right now, most packaging is made of chemical or synthetic materials, which are harmful to both the buyers and makers. Lots of environmentally friendly packaging is free of allergens and toxins, making it much safer for both ends.

Overall, companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging because it reduces our carbon footprint, shows that the brands have good morals, and reduces the amount of plastic used while making it safer. When we reduce our carbon footprint, we are helping to slow down climate change by lessening the number of greenhouse gases emitted. By companies showing that they are making the change to eco-friendly materials, it portrays that they care for their environment and are taking steps to help improve it. Finally, by switching to environmentally friendly packaging, they are reducing the number of plastic materials used and thrown away while also making the packaging safer by being free of toxins and some allergens.

Jenna Tovar
ASU Prep Digital

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