As more products are being made each year and every single day, the effects of its waste are prevalent all around us, regardless if everyone cares to see the negative impact or even realizes it. Many companies steer away from adopting environmentally friendly packaging. Humans are creatures of habit. It is hard to stop and change the ways that we have been accustomed to. For many years consumer’s products have been made with harmful plastics and waste that destroy the planet as we know it, such as the beautiful corals that once thrived and now die.

Companies should adopt environmentally friendly practices because the planet relies on it. Many people already hear this but it is something that should be emphasized and stated a million times over, the harm that we are doing to this planet may not affect you in your lifetime, however your kids and their kids will be the ones faced with our own consequences. This beautiful planet has treated us so well and has given us a chance at a beautiful life, it is our duty and rightful obligation to do the same in return. They should also adopt environmentally friendly packaging because it can draw more people and consumers that choose this method of production and packaging. Though it may cost more short term to change means of production, it saves more in the future. Our world will thank us for it, the waters, lands, and even the animals will live in safety and in harmony because quite frankly, selfishness from a lack of desire in change, should not be why our planet decays.

Recycling programs most definitely work, but they work better when more people are on board and when more people can put in the effort to start the change, even if the change is something as simple as having a recycling bin within their household. Imagine how much less waste there would be overall if what was recyclable was actually recycled rather than dumped into waste. I think that the limiting factor as to why people who want to recycle but do not is the cost. The money it requires to have a recycling service or to recycle items at a vendor costs more than what some are willing to pay. However, once people are able to make it a habit and reap the benefits, money wouldn’t be such a big problem. When people are able to properly dispose of their recyclables, they contribute a great effort to a common goal. Change has to take place in every one of us and something as simple as proper disposal such as recycling is the way we can do our part.

Sustainable packaging is already here and is getting better with all the types of products that have been emerging into the market. These alternatives to materials and products we use cut back so much more when it comes to plastics and reoccurring wastes such as straws and water bottles. These items such as reusable water bottles and metal straws are all items that replace the day to day plastics that we use that also contribute to the waste that surrounds us and floods our once lively oceans. The use of reusable items and not relying on plastics reduces that waste that clogs up these oceans and kill the beautiful marine life that we have. Plastic bags from grocery shopping is also one of the many products that have deadly capabilities once it leaves our homes. This could be avoided by simply using a reusable bag that you use to carry your groceries. A choice based on convenience (using plastics) isn’t worth what that choice causes and creates. With the availability of resources such as recycling programs, reusable items and environmentally friendly packaging, there should be no reason as to say that we are not able to save this planet as well as bettering our environment. It is within our grasp and is possible if we all use the resources, we have available and are consciousness about what we are using and how we are getting rid of it.

Essay by: Mia Ali
Arizona State University

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