TAYLOR, MI – JULY 01, 2019 – Dura-Pack has redesigned and reengineered their iconic line of compact linear net weigh and fill machines, the DL series, to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and industrial internet of things (IIoT) protocols, positioning them as the industry-leading manufacturer of ‘smart’ linear net weighers.

Dura-Pack has led the packaging industry in the research and development of AI (artificial intelligence) technology for over two decades. The DL series is the first and only linear net weighers available that utilize AI technology to intelligently learn and understand the subtle intricacies of the product that is being weighed and dispensed. The DL series can recognize data patterns, learn from experience and make real-time adjustments and corrections to continuously run at maximum efficiency and drastically reduce the likelihood of human error – making the DL series the most efficient linear net weighers on the market.

“The ability to utilize AI in our systems gives both us and our customers a competitive advantage,” said Phillip Harrison, Senior Engineer and Vice President of Dura-Pack. “It allows us to really stand out and differentiate ourselves from our competitors as an agile forward-thinking technology company. Our customers gain a competitive advantage by increasing their efficiency and production and by reducing downtime due to technical and mechanical issues”.

Unlike traditional linear net weighers that require compressed air to operate, the DL series is 100% electric, making it a much more attractive option for smaller organizations that do not have access to compressed air. “We designed our DL series to be agile, portable and to be disassembled by hand in less than thirty seconds – without any need for tools,” said Harrison. “We understand and appreciate the resource limitations many smaller organizations may have in terms of physical space and access to amenities such as compressed air. Keeping this mind, the DL series was designed to be used virtually anywhere. The DL series really is the perfect weighing and filling solution for any organization that wants to take the first step in automating their packaging”.

Dura-Pack has spearheaded industrial internet of things (IIoT) initiatives to transform the DL series into true ‘smart’ systems that collect, analyze, diagnose and relay data in real-time. “Our DL systems can detect inefficiencies and problems faster than human users can,” said Harrison. “The idea behind utilizing this technology is to make our systems as efficient as humanly possible, minimize downtime and give our customers the comfort and peace of mind of being able to diagnose and troubleshoot problems hundreds or even thousands of miles away”.

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