Dura-Pack, the industry-leading manufacturer of flexible packaging pouches, bags, and packaging equipment, has selected the recipient for the 2022 Dura-Pack Academic Scholarship Award.

The recipient for the 2022 Dura-Pack Academic Scholarship is Elisa Olofsson, a Junior at Arizona State University, majoring in Conservation Biology and Ecology. Her essay, “My Experience with Sea Trash”, was chosen from among hundreds of essay submissions.

Dura-Pack has created a $3,000 essay-based academic scholarship for students that are either entering or are already enrolled in an accredited college or university. Essay topics focus on sustainability and environmental issues and how they relate to packaging waste.

“As a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging bags and equipment, we are consistently striving to adopt and implement environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and have tailored our essay topics to reflect our “Green” initiatives,” said Phillip Harrison, Vice President of Dura-Pack. “We have thoughtfully designed our essay topics to focus on environment and sustainability issues that are extremely prevalent today. We are strong believers that we are all stewards of the environment and that it is imperative that corporations adopt socially and environmentally responsible practices and ideologies. We are delighted to award this scholarship to Elisa Olofsson. Elisa’s essay embodied all of the elements that Dura-Pack deems important as it relates to packaging waste and pollution”.


Scholarship applicants are free to choose from the following essay topics:

  • Going Green – Why should more companies adopt environmentally friendly packaging?
  • Do packaging recycling programs really work?
  • The future of sustainable packaging.
  • How do we reduce packaging waste in the world’s oceans?

Essays will be judged on the following criteria: • Creativity (40%)

  • Structure (20%)
  • Grammar (10%)
  • Length (10%)
  • Adherence to Topic (10%)
  • Wow Factor – Does the essay “wow” the reader for one reason or another (10%)

Scholarship award winners are required to provide proof of successful acceptance to an accredited college or university. Payment will be made directly to the applicant’s college or university. For more information on the Dura-Pack Academic Scholarship, please visit www.dura-pack.com/scholarship.

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