I have seen documentaries about recycling programs that have made a big impact to cleaning our oceans and land. This idea was brilliant to reuse materials that can be recycled. After seeing so much pollution in our air, water, and land little pebble affects are making a difference to keeping this beautiful home called Earth remain tidy. It also takes each one of us to recycle the materials that are used for these programs.

The recycling industry works double time to maintain the program being a success. I applaud each company that use recycling material to make a difference by being part of cleaning of our oceans and land. I read an article in Nationalgeographic.com that 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic is produced, which, 6.3 billion metric tons becomes plastic waste. That is a lot of plastic that can be reused in these recycling programs. Every country should have recycling programs in place to make a big impact in clearing the 79% in plastic waste.

There should be more companies that can think of ways of using recycled material for building material, car parts, irrigation materials, or etc. The more companies join in to conquer the waste of plastic and other reusable material we all we see a big difference in our oceans and land. Also, we are making a difference for the future generations to continue recycling for a better future. It makes me proud to see that recycling programs are making a difference. Recycle! Recycle! I can see myself holding a sign in the corner street of my neighborhood. There are some people that should be reminded of recycling does make a difference. I remember that my brothers were collecting cans to get extra money to buy candies. It does not matter where we live to contribute to this cause of recycling plastic, aluminum, or other material. To recycle or not to recycle? Of course, we should be recycling with a passion.

I remember when everything came in a glass like milk, soda, and salad dressings. It was the day of the milk man delivering that made me excited. There was a routine for us children to place the empty milk glass back on the crates for next delivery. Even, back then this was a form of recycling. We must not forget to be responsible in contributing to these recycling programs.

I believe these recycling programs need everyone’s part to make a difference to our beautiful world. We have so much beauty in our world that plastic waste or any other material waste needs to be cleaned up and recycled. I am part of this team because recycling has been easy for me and my children. I have taught my children to be clean and do not litter anywhere. We must take this recycling seriously and with a passion. Let’s continue to be part of this mission to help recycling program advance to different levels of success.

Essay by: Sandra Alicia Ochoa
Spokane Community College

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