To answer the question, “do packaging recycling programs really work,” with a more convincing “Yes”, there are 2 factors that need to be acknowledged, motivation, and having a plan. Motivation is the most vital because recycling is a proactive and social program. Without knowing what motivates the communities of San Francisco, I can only guess what makes the population recycle 80% of their trash.

1) The residents probably must like where they live, so that the effort extended is for a more beneficial future.
2) The garbage collecting companies, or more specifically, the recycling collecting companies must see some sort of profit.
3) The stateside wholesalers, such as Dura-Pack, that would be the buyers of recycled products such as plastic, must see the recycling program as an option.

If those 3 points were the goals of an investor, having a plan to implement an inter-commercial market of recyclable products could solve a lot of waste problems like the waste problems of New Orleans, Louisiana, where the recycling contribution of her residents is one-tenth of the national average.

Could an investor attempt to implement a market by persuading the public to recycle more through media forums? It is always on a positive note if the investor has roots and common belief systems of the companies and areas that participate. As actors and musicians acquire more income to do more positive activities with their money, investing in Black owned businesses or women led companies, American made product, or go green initiatives are some factors that those investors can consider. For Louisianans to become motivated to recycle, it might help to have their celebrities to pitch in on the program. Wayne Carter, Percy Miller, Anthony Mackie, Drew Brees, Sandra Bullock just to name a few celebrities that were residents of New Orleans. With their influence in front of the camera, or behind the camera, or at a boardroom meeting along with business accountants and advisors, those goals of an entrepreneurial investor can be transferred to contracts, tax write offs, loan agreements and/or company stock.

Effective Audio and visual influences and behavioral influences could help the morale of those communities and the appreciation of their homes and neighborhoods. The investment could alternatively cover additional operational costs to perform under new training, additional inventory, and competitive pay. It may make sense to sell the recyclables to established recycling companies (as there might already be a monopoly in recycled cups and crates, per se), if not to create the option of a comparable, or complimentary product for wholesale and resell companies.

So, is there a chance that packaging recycling programs really work? Well, some states have a system that puts them at the top of the list, but there needs to be an internship in place for the states, like Louisiana, that are falling behind.

Essay by: Melika Greer
Delgado Community College

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