Dura-Pack is the industry leader in custom packaging solutions. We take great pride in designing and manufacturing quality products that meet the needs of our customers – big or small. We employ a stringent array of quality control measures to ensure that our custom bags do not fail in real-world situations.


The burst strength of our flexible bags and pouches is determined by pressurizing the pouch at a uniform flow rate until a seal rupture occurs. The ability for bags and pouches to maintain structural integrity while being subjected to pressure is critical. Our sophisticated and rigorous burst tests identify weak seal areas and ensure that our customers receive the strongest and highest quality bags.

Stand Up Pouch Bag Flexible Packaging Quality Control Testing


  • Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is the rate at which oxygen permeates a film layer. OTR’s can be customized (utilizing different films and materials) based on the specific needs of the food product. Oxygen is typically the main culprit for food spoilage. Oxidative degradation can affect the color, odor and flavor of many food products. Our comprehensive barrier testing equipment and procedures ensure that OTRs are at the exact levels they need to be. Dura-Pack has the technical experience to effectively determine the barrier and material needs for your product.
  • Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) (sometimes referred to as “moisture vapor transfer rate”) is the rate at which moisture permeates a film layer. Controlling WVTR is critical for many food products that require a specific a moisture content to maintain texture, taste and prevent degrading. The higher the WVTR, the higher the permeability rate.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) utilizes sophisticated machinery to flush the air from the packaging and replace it with gasses that significantly slow the effects of oxidation and the growth of microbes. The type of gasses used is largely dependent on the oxidative properties of the food being packaged.
  • O2 analyzer
  • Gas flush