In the modern world, we are constantly innovating for new technologies that improve human life. Technologies such as the computer, automobile, and airplane have all been monumental inventions that contribute to the economy. With expanding technologies comes costs. In the essay, we will be focusing solely on the cost of the environment. As civilization further expands its domain into the wild it will continue to have effects on the environment. Effects such as less wildlife, less trees, and more carbon dioxide. It is important to realize the effect that cars, airplanes, and deforestation have on the planet. The important questions are how much is too much? How do we mitigate the negative effects on the environment? Some proposed solutions are to adopt environmentally friendly packaging, electric cars, and nuclear energy.

Companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging because it will reduce the amount of waste and promote recycling. Should they do so, it would send a message to everyone to focus on the environment and promote its safety. The primary way to reduce the amount of waste in the oceans is to change the material that businesses use in their products. Materials such as styrofoam, bottle plastic, and other dangerous materials. Should businesses invest in biodegradables and renewable energy, we could see a massive shift in the pollution our oceans have. Considering the fact that producers produce a significant amount of products, it is important that they are environmentally friendly.

Another way to reduce the waste in the ocean is through proper education of the problem and penalties to those that are caught polluting the environment unnecessarily. A majority of people will continue to do something unless they know it is wrong. Many people do not know the drastic effects littering and not recycling can have on the environment. Educating our children on the importance of recycling would be the most effective tactic. The next efficient method would be to remind all adults to recycle and use environmentally friendly materials. Businesses that use single-use plastic containers, styrofoam, or any other hazardous materials would experience some form of penalty. That penalty could be a hazard material tax. This tax would take effect if the producer uses a hazardous material.

A solid solution is to encourage people to participate in ocean clean up missions. A popular business known as 4Ocean frequently participates in ocean cleanup services and uses the materials plucked out of the ocean, recycles them into bracelets, then sells them to consumers. This is an excellent idea. Not only does it help the environment, it provides a product to consumers, while protecting the environment. Furthermore, you could offer a stipend to college students along the coast to do shore cleanup projects. College students are often desperate for tuition money. Offering some incentive to get people to participate in these cleanup missions could prove to be extremely beneficial to the participant, and the environment.

Whether it be ocean clean up missions, safer materials, or better packaging, we all have a duty to protect the environment. We only get one. It is vital that we ensure its survival not only for today, but for the humanity of tomorrow.


Kianna Garcia-McNutt
Arizona State University

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