More companies should start adopting friendly packaging in their environment because it helps the environment and even themselves in many different ways. For starters, adopting the use of friendly packaging can help the environment by recycling their own used materials to create new ones without having to worry about spending even more money on packaging that costs more. On the other hand, Several corporations are now using their own firms and other buying corporations with environmentally friendly packaging in order to satisfy the needs of consumers. This specific pattern is of extreme significance for the future for the vast majority of companies because most need to change to retain their consumer base and make space for growing better, so that their community, state, nation and even the planet can help address environmental problems and other issues. When companies start using friendly packaging, not only it can help reuse and reduce materials, but it can also save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the cost, specifically forward to how companies package their stuff. Referring back to reuse and reducing materials for packaging, it helps the environment by minimizing the amount of waste that is created and used from non friendly packaging. Companies can acquire plenty of other beneficial things from switching to friendly packaging of their products in their environment such as: lowering shipping costs on the companies products, supporting and providing a more healthier alternative for their customers, and especially reducing the percentage of carbon footprint as well as the energy towards development in packaging throughout the entire company. According to the article Why Businesses Should Switch to Eco-Friendly Packaging by Label Value they’ve gathered data and analysis’ that “Research shows that thirty-three percent of the United Kingdom consumers are now concerned about the origin of their product and whether or not it has been made ethically. Seventy-four percent of people are also willing to pay more for a product if it is guaranteed to be eco-friendly. It is hugely important that businesses adapt to meet these increasing demands not only to help the environment, but to also attract conscious consumers and improve sales”. Lets travel back into time say about thirty years ago around the 90’s. Throughout the years before the 2000’s, customers really didn’t care about what the process of packaging a product was like. As long as the product they purchased has arrived from waiting for the amount of business days it would be shipped, that’s all that pretty much mattered in the eyes of an average customer. They also cared less about whether it would impact the environment in a positive way or a negative way. However, looking into today’s society, it’s completely fair to say that things have changed dramatically throughout the course of time when it comes to how companies package their products. Customers that support friendly packaging actually care about the little things such as: the process of packaging a product, the materials used by the company to consider their packaging “Eco-Friendly”, and how it can reduce waste across the globe. They also care about whether it would impact the environment in a positive way or a negative way.

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Essay by: Waseem Sarrar
Paragon Science Academy

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