Across the world today, global warming is one of the biggest problems at our forefront. With rising concern about the future of the Earth due to increasing global temperatures, it’s important for humans to begin taking initiative to sustain a better future. One way for society to do this is for companies to adopt environmentally friendly packaging to encourage society to be more sustainable.

Around the globe, there has been a significant increase in consumers wondering where their products are coming from. These people are called, “conscious consumers”, which necessarily are people who are beginning to question the origins of their products and the size of their carbon footprint. According to, “Significant issues such as plastic pollution and deforestation are causing consumers to have concerns over where their products are coming from, and what their effect is on the environment.” (LabelValue). This recent concern is a step in the right direction for the future, with more people becoming conscious of this issue, then that more action will be taken to sustain Earth’s future. “This development is hugely significant in terms of shaping the future of retail, as companies will need to evolve to retain and grow their customer bases due to the increasing awareness of environmental issues.” (LabelValue). The major food chain, McDonald’s, has already begun to take initiative in the food industry by introducing paper straws into their restaurants. Other restaurants are also slowly joining this trend by banning plastic straws altogether. These steps are crucial for sustaining our future, and companies are paving the way for the rest of society to join the movement.

Environmentally friendly packaging can also benefit businesses significantly for a few reasons. One reason it can benefit companies is by saving businesses lots of money. Environmentally friendly packaging is mostly sold in bulk due to being made from reused waste, which ultimately costs less then non-environmentally friendly products. Another reason it can benefit a company is that it can bring more customers in. According to, “…about 33% of UK consumers are now concerned about the origin of their product and whether or not it has been made ethically,” in addition, “Seventy-four percent of people are also willing to pay more for a product if it is guaranteed to be eco-friendly,” (LabelValue). At a time like this, it is a great idea for businesses to change their ways to meet consumer demands because it can bring in a higher influx of customers. The last reason companies should consider switching to environmentally friendly packaging, is because it is a healthier alternative for customers. Regular packages and products can contain materials that may harm consumers but, with environmentally friendly packaging and products, this isn’t the case. Environmentally friendly items don’t contain harmful chemicals or materials which ultimately is better for businesses, customers, and the environment.

Across the globe sustainability is becoming a popular trend, “Sustainability is affecting governments and businesses all around the world. Consumers are contributing to this massive trend by becoming more aware of the impact that products have on the environment. Companies may not change, but the demand for green products and sustainable business practices is growing. Businesses cannot afford to ignore these insights.” (Pakfactory). With this rise coming so soon it only makes sense for everyone to adapt to this change. There are only benefits to switching to sustainable packaging and products, so it is only a matter of time before everyone switches to becoming sustainable.

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Essay by: Winston Turner
Northwest Career & Technical Academy

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