When I hear the phrase “Going green”, I think of numerous ideologies and meanings. Such meanings ranging from practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle to simply making responsible decisions that will benefit the environment. An individual that adopts a “Go-Green” attitude is an individual that makes a substantial and positive impact within their community, all through their eco-friendly life decisions. Adopting this positive mindset would not only benefit the environment around us, but throughout our communities as well. Within our communities, one would find a variety of companies and small businesses, where each are owned by individuals who are capable of adopting a “Go-Green” attitude. How are companies capable of doing so you may ask? Simple: By providing environmentally friendly packaging for their consumers! According to recent studies taken by the National Retail Federation (NRF), nearly 70% of consumers in the US/Canada region think it’s important that a brand is sustainable and eco-friendly. Now that’s a lot of conscious consumers! For companies and business owners, it is encouraged by most consumers to consider the benefits of eco-friendly packaging. As one of those consumers myself, I’d like to share some reasons as to why “Going green” would not only be beneficial for the environment, but for companies and small businesses as well.

One benefit that can be received from eco-friendly packaging is that its created with biodegradable materials. Such materials range from organic fabrics (organic/recycled cotton, palm leaves, etc.), reusable drinking containers, and more. Eco-friendly packaging is made from recyclable materials, which minimizes their negative impact on the environment. Disposing of eco-friendly packaging consumes less energy than materials found in traditional packaging, such as paper cups, plastic bottles/bags, and more. From a financial perspective, providing eco-friendly packaging can help manufacturing companies reduce their financial burden, which can serve as a tremendous benefit. Another benefit from eco-friendly packaging is that it can expand a company’s consumer base. As mentioned previously, nearly 70% of North American consumers find it important for brands to be sustainable and eco-friendly. The demand for eco-friendly packaging is continuously rising and offers a great opportunity for businesses to advertise to this consumer base by becoming an environmentally conscious organization. Referring to my previous point on biodegradable materials, it would be beneficial for these organizations to attach their brand name on eco-friendly products. This ensures a community that one’s local business has become eco-friendly. Therefore, these branded biodegradable products would increase one’s revenue if they were to receive 30-70% of conscious consumers within these communities.

One last benefit received from producing eco-friendly packaging is that it reduces a company’s carbon footprint. The process of product packaging is extensive and undergoes various phases, from production, transportation, usage, and so on. Each phase releases a certain amount of carbon in the environment, which can be detrimental as it continuously progresses. However, if a business were to provide eco-friendly packaging, the process would then go through phases in which can reduce one’s carbon footprint. In fact, eco-friendly packaging is produced through recyclable materials, which reduces the amount of carbon emissions it takes to produce a particular product. This reduces a manufactures consumption of heavy energy resources and is a great benefit to the environment.

Adopting a “Go-Green” attitude can be beneficial for any business, both one’s that are just starting off and those who are willing to expand their knowledge in being eco-friendly. Providing environmentally friendly packaging to conscious consumers can not only increase the revenue of one’s business, but can also serve as an example to other businesses to become environmentally conscious too! As highlighted by Dura Pack within their company, “We are all stewards of the environment”. In conclusion of this essay, I believe that anyone can adopt the “Go-Green” attitude, and can become their own steward of their environment!

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Essay by: Hailey Lerae Guynes
Yuba Community College District

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