Artwork Requirements

Dura-Pack software on the PC Platform:

  • Adobe Acrobat CC (2017)
  • Adobe InDesign CC (2017)
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (2017) (preferred)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (2017)
  • Adobe Fireworks CC (2017)

Dura-Pack printing tolerances:

  • Screen/Tint Values: 80% - 20%
  • Trapping: 0.3mm
  • Minimum line: 0.425 pt. (0.15mm)
  • Max Colors: 8
  • Minimum Font Size: 7 pt. Sans Serif / 7.5 pt. Serif
  • Bleeds: 2mm
  • Minimum DPI: 300

File Information

Dura-Pack prefers to have all files in their native programs. Please include the Ai (Adobe Illustrator) file(s) with the accompanying images and fonts. If files cannot be provided in this manner we would like all files saved as a “High Quality PDF” format with fonts embedded or as a vector .eps. If customer files have artwork that is linked, imbedded or placed, please include those files along with the final file for printing. Always send a copy of your files for printing.

NEVER send your original. We request that any new art must include a color accurate sample for color matching, unless the art is supplied as Pantone colors. If a color accurate sample is not submitted for all CMYK areas, we will require your approval of our paper proofs as your color accurate sample. All art must include an opaque white mask layer or floodcote. White is required to create the true color and/or window areas if needed. Please remember that white and/or matte are printed as color(s) and must be included as both a spot color(s) in your color palette and as a mask layer(s) within the art.


If fonts are not included by choice, all text must be converted to outlines. Outlined fonts cannot be changed or edited; text editing function is lost after fonts are created into outlines. If fonts are not provided or converted to outlines, the closest matching font will be substituted for your artwork. If we are forced to substitute a font we will send a PDF copy for your approval to sign off on. Upon your approval, the job will proceed. Remember to include both screen and printer fonts.

Art Services

If press quality artwork is not supplied to Dura-Pack, Dura-Pack Graphic Designer can create or recreate art and/or logos. Your Dura-Pack sales representative can provide you with rates and an estimate for the work being requested.

Placed Raster Art

Placed raster files are normally saved as .psd, .eps or .tif formats. Press quality requires a file resolution of 600 dpi or greater. (Low resolution files would be .jpeg, .pict, .png) Dura-Pack cannot convert low resolution files to high resolution files without sacrificing press quality. All files that are NOT provided at press quality resolution will require a customer’s agreement in writing to accept a final printed product below press quality standards.

  • - Raster art should be made to correct size and resolution for the printed product.
  • - Provide original file whenever possible.
  • - If you have a Photoshop file with layers, do not flatten or merge layers.

Accepted Media Type

Dura-Pack accepts CDs, DVDs and electronic transferred art. If you are sending your files via FTP, compressing files will allow you to send a file more quickly. The software application “Stuff-it” (for Mac) and “Zip” (for PC) allow you to compress and uncompress files. When sending art on disk please provide any special instructions and please include only the files that are pertinent to the job.

Please let us know if you have any questions.