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  1. A Deeper Look Into Our Waste Problem

    More companies need to invest less in environmentally friendly packaging at a consumer level and more environmentally friendly packaging at the manufacturing level. Most companies have started or are starting to create more environmentally friendly packaging on a consumer level after pushback in the media. In order for companies to stay relevant with the current culture they have been forced to update their packaging to more environmentally friendly packaging that satisfies the consumer. However, many companies have gotten away with not updating their production methods as the consumers don’t see this part of the process. For example, Starbucks has recently switched to paper cups lids and straws and has a recycling program in place. However, I can tell you from working there. That they do not have any manufacturing standards in place for bettering the packaging. For example, every 15 paper cups comes in a big plastic bag that we take out of and the customer never sees, our caramel drizzle c

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  2. How Do We Reduce Packaging Waste in the World's Oceans?

    Packaging waste is clogging our waterways and landfills. It is killing our fish and polluting the landscape. Ironically, most people say how bad excessive packaging is in our stores and what a waste it is for consumers. Most people also don’t do anything about it if they want the product, however. As consumers, we wait for someone else to do something about the problem. Meanwhile, we stack the Christmas gifts under a tree that are mostly boxed in excessive plastic, little plastic strips to bind the toy to the cardboard, and the plastic bag we carry it home in.

    I think my generation is becoming more aware of this as a serious problem but feel helpless to do much about it. Many of us now try to use a reusable water bottle instead of a PET water bottle that ends up the landfills for years but this still isn’t enough. What’s missing for us as consumers is the knowledge to make a difference.

    When I first thought about writing this essay, I didn’t think I could come up with

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  3. How Do We Reduce Packaging Waste in the World's Oceans?

    Reducing packaging waste in the world’s oceans starts with putting trash in the proper receptacle. I live on the most beautiful beaches Florida has to offer, and I watch as people leave their trash, their toys, and a million other things on the beach. My beaches aren’t the only beaches being abused by lazy and selfish people.

    First, there need to be more options for the lazy people of the world. One garbage can every 300 yards is not nearly enough to capture all the trash people bring to the beach. We need industrial size bins that are attractive and can hold the tons of trash people bring to the beach; including the broken toys they leave behind. Every public entry point should have a garbage bin that can hold some hefty trash.

    Next, we need to add some beach cleanliness police. When a family or even one person gets up from their beach spot and leaves behind their broken beach chair, crack sandcastle mold and their cans of empty drink, the cleanliness police wil

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  4. The Future of Sustainable Packaging

    Global warming and other unethical practices by humans have left the earth in a critical state. Many scientists have predicted that it won’t be long before humans make the earth incapable of being inhabitable due to humans’ own destructive ways. In the movie Wall-E, the little robot lives on a desolate version of the earth that’s unbearably hot and completely covered in trash. Though this movie is obviously fiction, if humans do not change their inconsiderate ways, the earth will not be able to sustain us for much longer. It’s a depressing reality that is on the horizon for us. We can already see the effects of this by monitoring the rising temperatures of places that are normally way cooler. Anyways, in order to ensure that our earth doesn’t become the dystopian wasteland portrayed in Wall-E, we must seek and implement waste and sustainability practices that will save our home. This can be done successfully with enough people participating. Now, if we look at packaging recycling programs,

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  5. Consumers and Companies on Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    Whenever a company makes a new decision, they have to think of two things: how the consumer may react and how it may affect their revenues and profits. Even though we would hope that companies would always act in the best interest of the environment and the planet, the unfortunate truth is that they often face constraints in what they can and cannot adapt. They are faced with challenges involving costs, so even the most eco-conscious companies can often be driven out of the market, simply because they couldn’t afford to keep afloat. Luckily though, there have been developments and ideas in the past few years and decades that can drive down the cost of production, giving an incentive to adopt these new ideas, making it more appealing to companies. As a result, this can help society become more “Green.”

    More companies should adopt environmentally friendly packaging because it has become cheaper over the years, and it is better for the environment. The world’s population has nea

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  6. Why Should More Companies Adopt Environmentally Friendly Packaging?

    Earth is our home, and for the time being, it is our only option to call home. This sentence alone should prompt every company in the world to do whatever it takes to save our planet, including creating more environmentally friendly packaging.

    In the age of Amazon and online shopping, the amount of packaging that is used, and then thrown away is astronomical. In 2020, when for a while online shopping was the safest, and sometimes only option, this number soared even higher. While thinking about this prompt, my mind repeatedly thought about the Disney movie Wall-E. I can just picture our future, robots scurrying around, trying to consolidate the trash, and humans creating more and more trash. As the packaging pollution continues to pile up, labeled from top to bottom with the logos of billion dollar companies, we get closer and closer to this “Buy N Large” animated world, becoming our reality. We will have to flee our home and our planet because life is no longer sustainable due

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