It’s 1:00am and I’m online shopping in bed, on my phone. I put khaki high rise shorts in my cart. I’ve gained the COVID-19, as they say. Not quite 19, but my favorite shorts did rip recently when squatting to turn the water filter under the sink on. I throw in a floral mid-length sundress too, because if I’m paying for shipping, then why not? The convenience outweighs the hesitation. I’m saving time, I’m saving gas money, I need to look put together to be taken seriously. One thing is clear, brick and mortar retail is now the secondary option. Why drive to a store and park my car and peruse the aisles and wait in line and get a ribbon of paper signifying my purchase when I can scroll, click, confirm? Plus it’s like Christmas, opening all those boxes.

I close the window without purchasing and open Reddit. A young man’s video about cleaning the trash from the river running through his university campus is on the front page. I think about how it’s fewer carbon emissions to ship

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