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  1. Companies Should Live a Greener Life

    More companies should start adopting friendly packaging in their environment because it helps the environment and even themselves in many different ways. For starters, adopting the use of friendly packaging can help the environment by recycling their own used materials to create new ones without having to worry about spending even more money on packaging that costs more. On the other hand, Several corporations are now using their own firms and other buying corporations with environmentally friendly packaging in order to satisfy the needs of consumers. This specific pattern is of extreme significance for the future for the vast majority of companies because most need to change to retain their consumer base and make space for growing better, so that their community, state, nation and even the planet can help address environmental problems and other issues. When companies start using friendly packaging, not only it can help reuse and reduce materials, but it can also save hundreds of thousands

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  2. How Do We Reduce Packaging Waste in the World's Oceans?

    Growing up on an island we are taught at a young age to rescue, reuse and recycle. We get first hand experience at how plastic can truly affect our oceans, both the ecosystems and the animals that live within them. Reducing plastic waste is not an easy task. Certain items are easy to reduce waste such as plastic water bottles. The use of reusable water bottles on the islands have become so normal, it is almost frowned upon to drink out of a plastic water bottle if you do not have to. Another very easy way to reduce the use of plastic is plastic bags. Traveling to the mainland is astonishing to islanders when we go to stores and see how many plastic bags are used for so little of groceries. The governor of Hawai’i banned the use of plastic bags and the islands never look back, if the rest of the country were to follow this it would be a huge reduction in plastic waste ending up in the oceans.

    A big issue with plastic winding up in our oceans is that the ocean makes so much of o

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  3. On The Mitigation of Pollution

    There have been many reduction efforts that have been undertaken by governments. For instance, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced in 2019 that Canada will ban all single use by 2021. Though the pandemic of coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the works, as demand for items such as single use gloves and face masks has never been higher. Despite this, Trudeau's plan is a very big step in the right direction. Other countries have also taken steps away from plastic and plastic containers. Peru has banned single use plastics from being taken into protected areas, many areas of the US have begun phasing out plastic straws, the EU passed a ban on single use plastics, and Chile has banned the commercial use of bags by shops.

    Despite these actions, research conducted by the website have shown that the growth of pollution will outpace the efforts taken to slow it. Though more people nowadays are aware of the huge amounts of plastic in the ocean, the production

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  4. Benefits of Biodegradable Packaging

    To get straight to the point, the reason why companies should switch over to more environmentally friendly packaging is so that we can take better care of our planet. There are millions of tons of waste that is made just from America in a single year. The waste has to go somewhere so many times it goes to recycling plants, landfills, or open-water sources. The damage that is sustained from this waste will last for generations and it affects people, plant life, and animal life as well. Companies have only recently started to research other materials of which to make their products from and this change started because of pressure from people.

    Environmental activists have been fighting for legislation that would put more responsibility on companies to deal with the egregious amounts of waste they create. Whether it be through production or consumption, companies are not held accountable to do more than they are. As to the reason they do not do it is because they do not want profits

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  5. The Solutions to Consider Regarding Ocean Waste

    In the light of an increasingly productive commercial world with an optimized world packaging industry has been a recipe for catastrophe in our world’s oceans. The influx of plastics each year, small and large, jeopardize the lives of all marine life forms. To be specific, with 8 million tons of plastic being dumped each year, all kinds of fish are ending up with harmful plastic in their stomachs, and get their digestive tracts blocked. The plastic is working its way up the food chain into our plates, in small traces. Along with the rivers and currents being choked up, this trend is urging for a total overhaul in plastic usage habits, by large corporations, and particularly by the people of the world. There are several ways people like us can be involved in reducing contamination in the ocean. The first of which is becoming plastic-free in which you would use reusable water bottles, straws, shopping bags, utensils, and many more daily plastic items. Doing this is a true investment, to b

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  6. Why Should More Companies Adopt Environmentally Friendly Packaging | Eco-friendly Packaging

    Day by day the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, orbiting around the Sun that is perfectly distanced from our planet Earth, as it peacefully sustains life within its waters and on its land. As human development expanded after the industrial revolution, greenhouse gas emissions that came from the burning of fossil fuels releasing into the atmosphere, caused detrimental damage to the ozone layer which resulted in the spiking of global temperatures; this was on top of the unfathomable amounts of waste that are generated annually across the globe. Large corporations play a large part in the manufacturing and distribution of single use plastics and other containers but face no penalty for the enormous amounts of litter and improperly disposed of waste that clogs up our rivers and pollutes our oceans. In an effort to Go Green, companies should adopt the policies of using biodegradable containers or offering incentives for customers who reuse their containers. This could be done by installing

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  7. We All Need to Adopt Environmentally Friendly Actions

    Packaging accounts for about 5% of the energy used in the life cycle of a product making it a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. But, we all have responsibility to do more than the best we can in reversing or preventing more man-made climate damage.

    Let me tell you why going green is necessary not only in the packaging industry but in all aspects of our economy and our life styles. This year the last 2 months, the people in California bay area, parts of Oregon and other western states, all could not breathe due to the thick smoke from wildfires. It isn't even only this year. Unbreathable air due to wildfire smoke has been happening almost every summer for 2 to 4 months every day in the many recent years. Why haven't we protested more urgently to a basic need to breathe clean air? The entire day on Sept 8, 2020, the sky in the bay area, parts of California, Oregon and Washington was so thick with smoke that it blocked the sun entirely. There

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  8. The Future of Sustainable Packaging | Green Packaging

    The future of sustainable packaging will eliminate or significantly decrease the need for recycling materials in general. The consumer has gotten used to being drawn to the pretty package and it will take time to redefine what the consumer is looking for in a product. It will also take time for consumers to be knowledgeable in the ethical impacts of sustainable packaging. The company and consumer will need to be educated on why this process is superior and will over time have a positive effect globally. This also needs to be a global effort to eventually become a positive global impact.

    Ways to achieve sustainable packaging is the use of less packaging material, biodegradable packaging, or using the product as part of the packaging. Some ideas to achieve this goal is to give companies incentives for sustainable packaging or discounts on purchasing sustainable packaging. Also, some companies feel a humanitarian desire to reduce waste globally and will be role models for other

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  9. The Cause Can Be the Change | Reducing Packaging Waste

    A hidden problem in our society that lays just offshore of many of our homes across the world is the increasing trash from packaging that is ending up in the ocean. Reducing packaging waste in our oceans should be one of the top priorities in our society today. To tackle such a large problem, it’s easier to break it down into different areas in our society that if combined can reduce, if not eliminate the issue. Packaging waste in the ocean doesn’t have one solution, but if we can get companies to contribute to the solution, improve the lack recycling in our country, and come together at an individual level, we can start to see a new future for our oceans. Even though it’s a large problem, if we attack it from various angles we can make a difference in our world.

    To fix the issue, the main source needs to be more sustainable. It is possible to have packaging that is earth friendly. National geographic published an article recently stating that 40% of plastic produced is packa

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  10. Let's Be the Solution | Green Packaging

    Many Companies and people may ask why sustainability? it's important to take in what's going on in our world currently. The United States produced 6.7 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide In the year 2018. The world generates about 3.5 tons of plastic and other solid waste a day. About 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the world's ocean every year. This is a lot of damage caused to Earth each year and will be really hard to recover if we don't take action soon Or find a solution. Big companies can switch over to sustainable Packaging and that would be one small step in the right direction. Sustainability is important because it includes having clean air, natural resources, and a non-toxic environment. Sustainability has increased at an exponential rate in the years 2019-2020. Over hundreds of companies have Switched over to sustainable Packaging and Lead the way with bold new climate commitment. With more and more companies Adopting environmentally friendly packaging and renewable

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